Grand Central Brewhouse to open in summer 2020

Brewers dig up dirt at a groundbreaking ceremony
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Just when you think St. Petersburg’s beer scene can’t get any better, a new microbrewery breaks ground. On December 3, Kevin Milkey and crew started work on the Grand Central District’s newest microbrewery, The Grand Central Brewhouse.

The ambitious concept will consist of a craft beer taproom, serving approximately 16 beers, and a second-story, outdoor roof terrace. In total, nearly 250 people will be able to enjoy the indoor and outdoor spaces at any given time, so start inviting your friends.

The microbrewery will also be home to an open-air beer garden, hosting an additional 375 guests. Make sure your friends invite their friends, and so on.

A second building, on the other side of the beer garden, will hold a third-party restaurant, which has not yet been determined. I’m not saying it has to be a Shake Shack, but I’m really craving a Shake Shack in St. Pete.

Rendering of a massive brewery

“We intend to make Grand Central Brewhouse a go-to brewery in St. Pete,” said Kevin Milkey, owner of Grand Central Brewhouse. “People are the heart of this city and therefore, the heart of our mission. Grand Central Brewhouse will be a spot for the community to come together, make memories, and taste quality, craft beer.”

Head brewer Tyler Singletary will create seasonal beers and limited-release options to complement the core beers. It’ll surely be a paradise for craft beer connoisseurs.

How can this new microbrewery stand out?

The Grand Central Brewhouse will implement European beer tank tech, which means you’ll be getting a brew fresh from the tank.

These advanced-serving tanks hold high-strength bag liners with a self-cooling, bag-in-tank system that will be used directly in the taproom. With less beer handling involved, this technology results in fresher beer than keg storage and a longer shelf life.

“Opening a brewery here in St. Pete has been a dream of mine for years,” said Milkey. “I’m excited to see this vision come to life, even beyond its beverage offerings. A portion of Grand Central Brewhouse’s proceeds will be donated to local charities, which is a contribution I am proud to give to a community that has given so much to me.”

Place Architecture is designing the space, and Boyd Construction will handle buildout.

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