Hidden Gems: 4th Street Sandwich Shop delivers some of the Burg’s best deli sandwiches

Hidden Gems: 4th Street Sandwich Shop delivers some of the Burg’s best deli sandwiches

A lineup of sandwiches
Photo courtesy 4th Street Sandwich Shop

4th Street Sandwich Shop quietly opened in the fall of 2021, but in the months since, it has developed a near cult-like following among its many regulars. Describing itself as a place “where food and community come together,” the store is open from 11 am – 5 pm Monday-Saturday at 6620 4th Street North.

The shop’s variety of hot and cold subs and sandwiches use combinations premium meats, cheeses and toppings to stuff the baked bread full of classic and creative delights such meatball subs, French dips, and the popular “Fat Tony Sausage Parm.” Of course, it’s not just sandwiches that keep people coming back. 4th Street Sandwich Shop also offers creatively-topped Nathan’s hot dogs and a tasty list of “appetizers and tidbits” including fish spread, French bread pizza with meatballs, and spinach dip.


And while the store does offer traditional kettle chips as a side, regulars make sure to go for potato salad, southern style coleslaw, or the French onion soup. For dessert, load up on cheese cake, carrot cake, sponge cake, a butter croissant, or the daily secret pastry. Salads are available, as well.

Of course, a footlong Italian Belly Buster Hoagie with a side of chips and dip can be filling, so 4th Street Sandwich Shop also offers coffee and espressos to help you get through that post-lunch sleepiness. And for those who just want to drink their lunch, the shop has fruit smoothies available, as well.

4th Street Sandwich Shop earns rave reviews

It may seem odd for a traditional sandwich shop to gain such an ardent following, especially with Pub Subs available on just about every other corner of 4th Street. But the use of premium ingredients (and a willingness to stuff the sandwiches to the point of overflowing), along with creative takes on classics, has helped 4th Street Sandwich Shop stand out.

A philly cheesesteak
Photo courtesy 4th Street Sandwich Shop

After all, there’s a reason they have a rare perfect 5-star rating on facebook. Even on google, the shop registers 4.7 out of five stars. Diners across the board praise the huge sandwiches and friendly service.

“The best sandwich I’ve ever tasted in my life,” one reviewer said in March.


“I could just pack up and move into this place the food is so good,” another said this summer.

“Halfway through my sub (I’m not powerful enough to knock out the whole hoagie in one sitting) the owner came out to offer me some au jus to dip my sandwich. Delicious, and just a really nice courtesy that you simply won’t find at a chain,” one reviewer on Google shared.

See the full menu and learn more about the shop at 4thstreetstpete.com. And if you live or work in the area, be sure to add it to your lunchtime rotation. As another satisfied customer promises, you’ll be glad you did.

“If you’re skeptical because they look small, give them a chance. You won’t regret it!”

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