Local pizza shop Fabrica named one of America’s top 50 pizzerias

Local pizza shop Fabrica named one of America’s top 50 pizzerias

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A group of Italian pizza experts has named Tampa Bay-based pizza company Fabrica one of the 50 best pizzerias in America. 50TopPizza is an online guide curated by a team of anonymous and hand-selected inspectors, who travel Italy and the globe in search of the best pizzerias around.

Their guide for 2022 was recently released, and local favorite Fabrica, located in St. Pete at 101 7th Street South underneath The Hermitage Apartments, checked in at No. 49 overall. The Neapolitan pizza spot first opened up in Tampa in 2015, and began slinging its hand-stretched dough in St. Pete when their second location opened up a few years ago on this side of the bay.


Fabrica offers a variety of specialty pizzas, as well as a build-your-own option. The pizzeria also features small plates such as oven roasted meatballs and cheesy bread, as well as salads, desserts (including a Nutella pizza!), and wine and beer on tap.

In their evaluation, Top50Pizza cited both of Fabrica’s locations: “The two venues, one in Tampa and the other in St Pete, are similar in style: the large and bright environment, the open oven, the clean décor, and the comfortable chairs. The pizza is thin with a slightly crunchy crust and the consistently fresh ingredients complete it perfectly. A note of merit goes to the swift and professional waitstaff, always very accommodating. The takeaway service is also very efficient. The pizza with chorizo is definitely a must-try.”

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Rankings rate more than just the pies

For their rankings, 50TopPizza relies on the team of inspectors to rate and report on the entirety of an experience at any given pizzeria. While the pizza itself is obviously a primary factor, inspectors are also taking notes on the level of service, the aesthetics and atmosphere of the restaurant, and the beverage programs. Even factors like restroom cleanliness are considered. Though of course, pizza quality is No. 1.

“It must be, above all, good and digestible regardless of the style adopted by the pizzeria,” Top50Pizza explains online. “There is a further evaluation which takes into consideration how the different elements have been combined. The quality of the products used is important and decisive.”


Following the pizza quality, rankings are then based on service, ambience, wait time, wine, and beer.

“The inspectors of the guide are invited to consider the pizzeria as a whole, and to judge it on the basis of its capacity to guarantee the well-being of the patron based on his or her ability to make an informed choice,” the website explains. “This begins with the service and is followed by the opportunity to choose wines and beers. It also includes cleanliness, and considers the aesthetics of the space and its décor. The condition of the restrooms is also considered. Furthermore, the physical well-being of the patron is also important, so the evaluation of the pizza based both on the flavor and on food hygiene.”

Learn more about Fabrica and see their full menu here.

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