Chiki Churros, a Canadian fusion dessert bar, is now open

Chiki Churros, a Canadian fusion dessert bar, is now open

A row of smoothies and a plate of topped churros
Photos courtesy Chiki Churros

In search of warmer climate, a Canadian hub for churros, ice cream and other sweet treats has moved to Florida and set up shop in downtown St. Pete. Chiki Churros is now open in the shotgun space at 685 Central Avenue, formerly home to Lure Ono. The sweet spot soft opened Wednesday and Thursday, and as of Friday, September 16, Chiki Churros opens daily from 4 pm – midnight daily.

The original location was in Montreal, and the Canadian dessert fusion concept will be bringing some seriously unique (at least to St. Pete, anyway) creations to the Sunshine City. The sweets parlor and churreria is known for customizable milkshakes filled with various toppings, frozen fruit slushes, and of course, fresh churros with dipping sauces. Chiki Churros also offers a variety of coffee-based beverages, and will be offering delivery for late-night snackers.

Where things get interesting, however, is the collision of the Iberian dessert with Canadian taste and sensibilities. The poutine churro menu is sure to draw attention for its baskets of loaded churros. The Bacon Churro Poutine, for example, offers a somewhat traditional take on Canadian poutine as the churros are topped with bacon, gravy and cheese curds.

Meanwhile, a somewhat less intimidating option is the Chiki Churro, which comes topped with a decadent combination of chocolate and caramel sauces, marshmallows, and a choice of crumbled Oreos, Kit Kats, or other candies.

The bacon churros from Chiki Churros
Bacon Poutine Churros/Photo courtesy Chiki Churros

You can follow the concept on instagram for further updates, and check out their website for the full menu.

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