Champagne & Whiskey Bar in One Opens on Beach Drive This Weekend

Flûte & Dram is bringing a new and authentic upscale bar to St. Pete. Co-owned by Greg Haddad and Tony Mangiafico they are planning on Flûte & Dram being a bar that will have something for everybody.

Haddad describes the bar as, “Bringing it back to basics with premiere and luxury brands that complement the area and its events.” Their friend’s visit to a champagne bar in New York along with a visit to a bar in Scotland focusing on brown spirits inspired the idea to combine the two and bring both to St. Pete.

Flûte & Dram will have over 60 champagnes and sparkling wines. Not only that, they also plan to have about 75 to 100 brown spirits, many being rare bourbons such as Pappy Van Winkle. Moreover, Flûte and Dram will be serving caviar to go with the luxurious self indulgence that is champagne and whiskey.

Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly be able to take their classical style and flair any further, they are serving their whiskey in Glencarim glasses and whiskey droppers. The droppers provide a precise control so you can say goodbye to diluted drinks and hello to authentic imbibement.

They will be soft opening this weekend with a grand opening event to be scheduled within the next few weeks. Although not releasing photos until the opening, Flûte and Dram’s decor makes you feel as though you are walking right into a bar from the 1930’s when you step through the front door. Part of their inspiration to bring St. Pete back in time. Flûte and Dram is taking the best from the past and present to create a stellar new hotspot in downtown St. Pete.

Flute and Dram is located at 234 Beach Drive NE in downtown St. Pete.

Main image by Aislinn Fallon

Written by Aislinn Fallon

Aislinn Fallon is a five-time internationally published writer whose writing has been read on every populated continent on the globe. She is also the author of the poetry book Pretty Little Things & Witty Little Words which is represented by the world's largest global book distributor.