Better than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant officially opening in the EDGE District

Better than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant officially opening in the EDGE District

Photo of cheesecake

Dessert is the best part of any meal. Yes, I admittedly have a ravenous sweet tooth. That’s what makes the totally cheeky Better Than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant a concept I am salivating over. Josh and Dan Brush, and 1211 1st Avenue North building owner Rick Noll have made the lease for the space official.

The menu reads like the Caramel Sutra, you know what I mean? Here are a few menu items I cannot wait to experience. These desserts really sound like they’ll hit THE spot:

Double Stuffed: Oreo Bread Pudding. Sweet White Chocolate. Vanilla Bean Love Custard. Cheesecake Ice Cream

Missionary Crisp: Red Delicious ‘skin-on’ apples. Buttery cake-like layer “On Top”. Salted Graham Cracker. Vanilla Bean Balls. Caramel

Tongue Bath Truffle: Gluten Free | Dense and Rich Belgian Chocolate Truffle Wedgies. Raspberry Sorbet

Peanut Butter Perversion: Deviantly Corrupt Peanut Butter Silk Pie. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Crust. Salted Peanut Chocolate Bark. Adult Jelly

Between My Red Velvet Sheets Cheesecake: Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Bottom. Red Velvet Cheesecake Mounted with Cream Cheese Frosting

These desserts take the term “guilty pleasure” to the extreme. An official opening date in the EDGE District is still TBA, but the dessert restaurant should be serving the community within the next few months.

Better Than Sex officially began in 2008 with one small location, though the concept has been in the works since the founders began baking back in 2003. Today, Better Than Sex has 6 locations across the country, with St. Pete being the 7th. Other Florida locations include Orlando and Key West.

Who needs to visit this dessert restaurant when it opens?


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