Anita’s Raspados brings Mexican shaved ice to St. Pete

Anita’s Raspados brings Mexican shaved ice to St. Pete

interior of a dessert shop with a swing at the center

Anita’s Raspados, located at 4443 54th Ave. N, is a brand new sweet spot serving up Mexican shaved ice (raspados), churros, crazy corn, and more. As we languish under the punishing heat of Florida summer, this raspado concept may be the most clutch addition to the Sunshine City.

What exactly is raspado? The owners explain:


“Mexican-style shaved-ice drink, named from the Spanish raspar, which means “to scrape.” It can be topped with fruit, flavoring, syrup, and various condiments. It can be sweet, savory, spicy, or all three.”

two shaved ice drinks next to one another on a counter
Mangonada and Pina Colada Raspado

Anita’s Raspados is a joyous escape in St. Pete

Opening on May 15, Anita’s is a quaint space with an array of plants hanging from the ceiling. A swing also rests at the center of the shop, and after one dessert we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to sway back and forth.

A quote from Julia Child greets you as you enter the space: People who love to eat are always the best people.” We agree.

Items teased on the menu include a Pina Colada shaved ice with fresh coconut cream and fresh pineapple syrup, churros filled with Dulce de Leche, and even ceviche.

A signature on the menu is the mangonada made with fresh real mangos with an amazing mango syrup home made, with Anita’s in-house chamoy sauce and topped with Tamarindo bites.


Anita’s is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11am-6pm, Friday and Saturday from 11am-7pm, and Sunday from 11am-5pm.

a strawberry shaved ice and churros
Strawberry raspado and churros

Desserts made with fresh fruit

Here’s what owner Ana wrote ahead of the concept’s official debut:

“Hello I’m Ana it had been my dream to open up my very own raspado shop for quite some time now… so my team and I are so excited to announce that we our opening our very own Raspado shop! ~Located in St. Petersburg~ Our shop is Mexican owned, and made with the finest fresh fruits! We are looking forward to seeing you here when we open!”

Get out and support local. Anita’s Raspados is located at 4443 54th Avenue North. Follow Anita’s on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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