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Adieu Glu, a 100% gluten-free bakery and cafe, opens in St. Pete

Adieu Glu, a 100% gluten-free bakery and cafe, opens in St. Pete

Adieu Glu has operated as a full gluten-free cottage kitchen in St. Pete for several years. Owner Deb Cooper’s creations, from bagel bites and sourdough bread to giant sea salt chocolate chip cookies, have been revelatory. Cooper debuted a full brick-and-mortar location in the Grand Central District at 1942 1st Avenue South. If you want a taste of the menu, check out Adieu Glu’s website.

Current hours for Adieu Glu are:


  • Thursday-Friday: 6:30am-2pm
  • Saturday: 7am-3pm
  • Sunday: 7am-3pm

Cooper’s road to opening a bakery is paved with the glitz and glamour of the music industry. Seriously. For years Deb Cooper has worked as a stylist/seamstress for some of the biggest touring performers and bands in history. Madonna, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Poison, and even Motley Cru are just a few of the names she’s worked with over the years. Relics and keepsakes from that time in her life will be on display in the new gluten-free cafe.

Adieu Glu brings a full gluten-free kitchen to St. Pete

Cooper hasn’t always been public about her past experiences with major bands. She didn’t want to earn notoriety based on her past life, she wanted her gluten-free breads and baked goods to stand on their own merit. In 2023, these GF masterpieces now take center stage.

Deb Cooper’s passions are many, but her love of baking brought about the invention of Adieu Glu. Her passion for these baked goods actually came about while in Paris during a Celine Dion tour. Frequent visits to the renowned Boulangerie Chambelland Oberkampf let Cooper see the high standard that gluten-free baking could reach.


“My standards are very high,” said Cooper in a phone interview with I Love the Burg. ” I like to perfect my recipes where it doesn’t taste gluten-free.”

a bag of small poppy seed bagel bites
Bagel Bites by Adieu Glu

Bringing gluten-free bread to restaurants across the ‘Burg

Cooper has operated out of her home kitchen for several years and garnered a dedicated following since debuting her cottage kitchen. Once open, you’ll be able to enjoy Adieu Glu’s variety of breads at other restaurants around town including Lingr and Sol St. Pete.

“Once a month I want to do a weekend of an international bread (gluten-free) like a naan or another international bread we can’t normally enjoy,” said Cooper. Adieu Glu is currently in its very soft opening phases, so make sure you’re following the bakery on Instagram to see when new specials are added.

Adieu Glu will feature a full coffee bar with Paradeco roast.

“I want my cafe to be a breakfast destination,” added Cooper. Her opening hours could be as early as 6am, a delight for early risers in the Sunshine City. “I’ll be in the kitchen baking, so I might as well open the door for anyone who wants to visit.”

large loaf of bread next to a platter of sesame seed bagels

Adieu Glu is a new breakfast destination

Currently, Adieu Glu’s brick-and-mortar includes sourdough baguettes, bagels and bagel bites, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, and sandwich bread.

“Eventually we will have pizza, and frozen pizza doughs to take home,” said Cooper. “I also plan to offer custom cakes, and have more formal grab-and-go desserts.”

The pastry menu is a work in progress. Cooper wants to add some fun gluten-free sweets to the menu such as croissants and Twinkies.

Offering gluten-free baking and cooking workshops

More than just a bakery and cafe, Adieu Glu’s new space will also serves as an educational space for gluten-free baking workshops will take place. Planned classes include sourdough breads and general gluten-free baking.

Cooper has made Adieu Glu a totally allergen-free space and aims to keep it as organic as possible. There’s no soy, lectin, gluten, or gums in any of her products.

Cooper worked with local artist Leo Gomez to paint a mural over her front door. Follow Adieu Glu on Instagram, Facebook, and its website for updates, and to order some GF goodies.

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