A glass blowing and street art festival, BURN, is coming to the Burg this fall

Photo of two artists bending glass with a torch

It’s getting hot in the streets of St. Petersburg. No, it’s not the eternal sunshine this city is bathed in. It’s the amazing glass blowers creating hypnotic works in their studios. On October 19, those artists are taking to the streets for the first ever molten glass, and street art festival. Time to feel the BURN.

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The Burg has become known as the Glass Coast, and for good reason. Whether passing by The Morean Arts Center or Zen Glass Studios, visiting the Imagine Museum or the Chihuly Exhibit, there are mind-bending pieces to admire everywhere. This street festival is a fiery celebration of St. Pete’s emergence as a major arts hub.

This wildly unique event will showcase the best of the Morean Arts Center, the heat that fires clay, metal and glass and casting a spotlight on a once overlooked form of artistic expression, street art.

3 artists demonstrate how to blow glass

BURN is, of course, a part of SHINE Mural Festival, which is one of the most outstanding events in St. Pete, in Florida, and the entire country. Seriously, our city is a full blown art gallery.

Guests will see featured artists work by BASK and JUJMO in the Morean Galleries, live glassblowing in the dark at the Morean Glass Studio plus interactive art throughout the evening.

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BURN takes place on October 19 from 7-10pm along the 700 Block of Central Avenue.


Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan is the Editor of ilovetheburg.com. Follow him on Twitter @harlanyoungII and Instagram @harlanyoung. Send tips and potential stories to info@ilovetheburg.com.