Toby’s Little Italy turns 50, and celebrates with $.50 slices

Toby’s Little Italy turns 50, and celebrates with $.50 slices

Toby’s Little Italy is one of the top pizza spots in the entire Sunshine City. They’re slinging top notch chicken parm. sandwiches, and saucy slices from a quaint space at 3523 49th Street North.

This year is the 50th year anniversary for Toby’s Little italy Pizza. This restaurant isn’t content to simply commemorate the occasion with cake and candles. Toby’s Little Italy is doing it big. One lucky customer on Sunday, November 20 will win a brand new car. They will also host a pizza eating contest, a pizza box making challenge, raffles, and more.

For your chance to win the car, leading up to the anniversary Toby’s will continue to give out golden tickets. You will also have the opportunity to win during the anniversary where they will be giving out 10 tickets with no purchase necessary. 

Toby’s Little Italy serving slices for just 50 cents

This special day also includes the chance to enjoy Toby’s New York slices for just 50 cents. Toby’s Little Italy is a straightforward pizzeria serving up huge pies, garlic knots, subs, and more. Since 1972, it has been the Sunshine City’s NY pizza connection. Don’t forget to fold the slice when you visit so you can enjoy that savory luge of oil and grease.

For first time visitors, you can’t go wrong with the Little Italy Special. This protein packed pie features pepperoni, sausage, onions, mushrooms, green pepper, and extra cheese. The meatball mozzarella is the piping hot dish of winter. Seriously, the proverbial carb heavy Yule log of a lunch speciality is a must-try for every St. Pete resident.

Visit Toby’s Little Italy to order online. The restaurant’s 50th anniversary is set for November 20 from 11am-8pm.

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