These are the best new restaurants in the Burg, according to Yelp

These are the best new restaurants in the Burg, according to Yelp

2019 has been a good year for food lover’s in the Tampa Bay area. Cuisine from all over the world has arrived in the kitchen of budding new restaurants both big and small. Of course, all of the buzz in the world means nothing if you can’t back it up when it comes time to serve the community. These new St. Pete restaurants have stepped up and stood out in a big way.

Yelp has taken the reviews on its site and provided a look at the five best new arrivals in the city. The oldest arrival on the list opened in the Burg nearly two months ago, and the most recent opening listed came just five weeks ago.


From coffee and cocktails to fresh seafood and vegan ice cream, these are the hottest new businesses in the Burg, according to Yelp.

Plant + Love Ice Cream 

The hot spot for vegan ice cream is lighting up the EDGE District with its plant-based flavors. Honestly, their golden milk CBD ice cream is one of the best desserts we’ve ever had.

It opened about two months ago at 953 Central Avenue. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new flavors.


Pineapple Espresso

The new drive-thru breakfast spot in the MLK Business District has a future as bright as its pink exterior. Pineapple Espresso’s variety of toasts are an incredible morning treat. Plus, they offer gluten-free varieties for diners with allergies. The roasted beet and avocado toast is our go-to.

Pineapple Espresso is located at 3045 MLK Jr. Street North. PS The drive-thru also offers a menu just for dogs. Follow the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram.

No Vacancy 

No Vacancy is a Florida-themed bar and restaurant, and it might be one of the most visually stunning spots downtown. The mango habanero wings are almost too pretty to eat. And don’t get us started on the lobster topped nachos. Grab a fish bowl, fill it with your favorite cocktail and start celebrating the Sunshine City.

This EDGE District hangout is located at 937 Central Avenue. Follow No Vacancy on Facebook and Instagram.

German Knodle

This quaint German restaurant is serving up some amazing authentic fare — bratwurst, weisswurst and more. Included in that more is the knodle, and you should do yourself a favor and indulge in the white chocolate and coconut flavor. The treats are small boiled dumplings that come in sweet and savory varieties. Other items of not include the German beef burger and the homemade German macarons.


German Knodle is located at 951 Central Avenue. Visit the restaurant’s website for more details.

Alto Mare Fish Bar

More seafood options on Beach Drive is good by us. The raw oyster bar is exceptional, the yellow snapper is a delight and the vibe here is perfect for date night. If mussels are on the menu, then order them ASAP.

Alto Mare Fish Bar is located at 300 Beach Drive Northeast. Follow them on Facebook for details.

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