The Monster Burger List of the Burg

In honor of National Burger Day, we thought it right to compile a short list of the premiere spots in St.Pete to grab a patty.

*CAUTION: Put on a bib before scrolling any further. You've been warned.

The Chattaway

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The Chattaway is a St. Pete institution. What started as the Four Corners Grocery in 1922 has turned into a buzzing Burger haven that shows no signs of aging. Their back patio is an eclectic mix of Christmas Lights, Bathtub flower beds, Tiki Torches and classic steel chairs. It's like grabbing a bite in Grandma's garden. Keep Calm, Eat ChattaBurgers. Chattaway 358 22nd Ave. S.

The Burg Bar & Grill

*Photo by Burg Bar & Grill

Winner of Grand Central's Battle of The Burg, The Burg Bar & Grill is a patty haven offering the kind of bites that make dagwoods look like sliders. The Burg Bar & Grill 1752 Central Ave.  

Square 1 Burgers

Square 1's burgers pack some serious heat. Their Drunken Pig and Bull burger has a bourbon brown sugar kick that'd turn John Wayne Tomato red. The SOB…South Of The Border burger is just that, a spicy bite of jalapeno, avocado, fritos and corn salsa. This ain't your typical burger joint. Square 1 Burgers 3942 Tyrone Blvd.

Luckie B's Fire Grill & Bar

*Photo by James D.

Luckie B's is known all over St. Pete for their BBQ. They're stirring and smoking the kind of sauces and spices that'll have you sweating sweet honey for days. However, Luckie B's received overwhelming acclaim for their burger. It won the People's Choice Award for Best Burger at Enjoy Arts & Tastes in 2013. Luckie B's 4351 4th St. N.

Engine No. 9

*Photo by Engine No9

The relatively new kid on the block, Enging No. 9 is no greenhorn when it comes to making monster burgers. Try their Demi-God, lathered in melted cheddar and swiss cheeses with horseradish mayo. For those adventurous wax-mouth types, try the Alice in Pain, a burger laced with Sriracha hot chili sauce, pancetta, roasted red pepper, grilled pineapple and sweet chili paste. Engine No. 9 56 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N.

El Cap

*Photo by Tampa Bay Homes

There's nothing fancy about El Cap and that's exactly how we like it. Their daily double stacked with the works is the best drinking buddy you'll ever have for a Rays playoff game. El Cap 3500 4th St. N.

The Hangar

*Photo by The Hangar

After taking a bite of a Hangar burger, you'll feel a little criminal. Every Wednesday, they offer $5 burgers. Mix that with an extra thick shake and some curly fries and you'll find yourself caught in a thunder cloud of flavor. The Hangar Restaurant and Flight Lounge 540 1st St. SE.


*Photo by BellaBrava

Don't sleep on the burgers BellaBrava is churning out from their kitchens. Their Americana is served with hefty slabs of bacon and generous portions of American cheese and the Trattoria Burger is zested with hints of red wine that make the classic dish a high end delight. Burgers are served on well toasted brioche buns that perfectly absorb and retain the flavor of the patty in between. BellaBrava 204 Beach Dr. NE.

Willy's Burgers & Booze

*Photo by Jen D.

Willy's Burgers and Booze doesn't front about what it is. The small hole-in-the wall sits among a sea of tourist traps along St. Pete beach. The difference between Willy's and the others is Willy's is damn indellible. The food is cheap but packs the kind of million dollar punch that would stop Floyd Mayweather's streak. Willy's Burgers & Booze 645 Corey Ave.

Rococo Steak

*Photo by Rococo Steak

This pick might seem strange among a sea of shacks, joints and hole-in-the-walls. However, Rococo Steak puts an expert and decadent twist on an American classic. Their Rococo Burger is in line with their Farm-to-Fork fresh concept. This is a beast to behold and was the 2013 winner of the Battle of The Burg. Rococo Steak 655 2nd Ave. S.

We know St. Pete has a passion as intense as ghost pepper skin when it comes to good burgers. Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know in the comments and keep the national burger month spirit alive!. Nom on.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

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