The Ale and The Witch, a beloved craft beer and live music hub, celebrates 10 years in St. Pete

The Ale and The Witch, a beloved craft beer and live music hub, celebrates 10 years in St. Pete

Outside on a patio where live music is being performed

The Ale and The Witch, a beloved craft beer bar and live music venue in St. Petersburg, FL, officially celebrates its 10-year anniversary in the Sunshine City on January 26, 2021.

There’s probably no spot I love more than The Ale and The Witch. During college, if I made my way to downtown St. Pete, The Witch was almost always my first stop. Brett Andress has created a home for those who love live music and good brews. Its legendary courtyard is one of the best spots to unwind in the Sunshine City.

“Cheers to 10 years and we sincerely thank everyone for everyone of them and look forward to more ahead too.”

Get experienced at The Ale and the Witch

It’s an exploratory space for those new to the world of craft beer. The spacious indoor/outdoor local haunt is an oasis in the sprawling downtown St. Pete area. Indulge in a tall Zombie Killer Hard Cider while you listen to Betty Fox or the Apple Butter Express perform under the stars.

Of course the COVID-19 pandemic forced The Witch, along with so many other businesses, to reconfigure how it operates day-to-day. The Witch is of course still pouring your favorite brews, and offers bottled beer/cider to-go as well.

Nearly a decade of serving St. Pete

The concept first opened in January of 2011, and since that time has become integral to the ‘Burg’s booming craft beer scene. Owner Brett Andress has also been instrumental in bringing in some amazing blues, and folk bands to the Sunshine City.

Dracula’s Legacy, the exquisite wine and cheese bar next door to The Witch, is also open for business and is making use of the courtyard.

“We have 20 taps all being offered and served in pandemic plastic crowlers we bought from St Pete Brewing Company. These crowlers are to go only and are priced at $10, $14 or $18 depending on the beer. Tap list will be on our website,” wrote Andress in a Facebook post.

Opening up the two level courtyard 

“Our two level courtyard is arranged with very social distance seating and is an extended seating area for our neighbors here and we encourage you to enjoy their terrific food offerings to eat here in this open space. Sab Cafe and Rollbotto Sushi have full menu offerings to grab take out from. Dracula’s Legacy has a small menu as well you can order from. The courtyard tables are meant for customers ordering from these establishments as well as us supporting them. Please DO NOT move any of these tables.”

The Ale and The Witch will have a more grand and pronounced celebration on the first Thursday of February, going hand in hand with the anniversary of bar’s original grand opening in the ‘Burg.

The Ale and The Witch is located 111 2nd Avenue Northeast. Follow The Ale and The Witch on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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