Munch’s Restaurant & Sundries to close at end of December

Munch’s Restaurant & Sundries to close at end of December

Exterior of a breakfast restaurant named Munch's

Munch’s Sundries has been a breakfast staple in the Sunshine City since 1952. Big biscuits, savory maple brown sugar sausage, a wonderful staff, and sensational fried green tomatoes have made it a longstanding favorite amongst residents old and new.

Sadly, however, the restaurant is officially closing. Ownership shared that Friday, December 30, will be the restaurant’s last day of operation. The Tampa Bay Times reported in June that the restaurant and surrounding properties are for sale for $2.7 million. Current owner, Larry Munch, took ownership of the property in the early 90s. Munch hopes whoever purchases the property keeps Munch’s as a restaurant.

Munch’s Restaurant and Sundries 

Established in 1952 by Dean and Clariece Munch , Munch’s is a marquee establishments in South St. Pete. It’s a lunch hub on the weekends, and a must visit place to start your day during the week.

Of course, it wasn’t always just about the eats. Aside from being a restaurant, Munch’s was a dry cleaner and a post office over the past 6+ decades.

Munch’s also sold novelty items, candy, and toys in its sundries shop. Yes, I’ll take three eggs scrambled, with a side of Pez, please.


In 1976, Clariece and her two sons, Gary and Larry, took complete control of Munch’s.

The biggest breakfast in the ‘Burg

Munch’s is open seven days a week from 7am to 3pm — and this old school restaurant makes everything in house. The breakfast menu offers southern classics like cheese grits, homemade maple brown sugar sausage, eggs, hashbrowns and biscuits.

The lunch options include Shepherd’s pie, fried chicken, pot roast, barbeque ribs and more. Don’t forget about dessert, Munch’s offers two styles of apple pie and strawberry shortcake made using biscuits.

World Famous Fried Green Tomatoes 

Their most famous items are the legendary Munchburger (half-pound burger on a five-inch bun) and the World Famous fried green tomatoes.

This gem even reached the national spotlight when it was featued on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Feeling lucky? Each day the restaurant offers a free meal to someone with a first name of their choice. Munch’s is located at 3920 6th Street South.


The south St. Pete staple is located just down the street from The Chattaway, another old school haunt making one of the best burgers in the entire Tampa Bay region.

Need more breakfast inspiration? Consider visiting the wild breakfast joint Skyway Jack’s serving some of the most giant and hearty pancakes in the Sunshine City.

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