Salty’s Sandwich Bar, a deli offering Reubens and fried bologna sandwiches, opens in Gulfport

Salty’s Sandwich Bar, a deli offering Reubens and fried bologna sandwiches, opens in Gulfport

Menu items at Salty's Sandwich Bar

Gulfport’s newest restaurant, Salty’s Sandwich Bar, serves up awesome, fresh deli and specialty sandwiches, along many other house made items by Chef Olive. It’s a must visit for pet-owners too. Salty’s front patio and side courtyard seating areas are dog friendly.

The restaurant opened in mid-January at 3121 Beach Boulevard South, and has already earned acclaim for its contemporary twist on classic deli favorites. Y’all need to sink your teeth into the fried bologna sandwich.

Locally owned and operated, J.P. Brewer has lived in Gulfport and has owned Salty’s Bar since 2013. The opportunity arose to bring this needed niche to the vibrant city of Gulfport.

Massive sandwiches in sunny Gulfport 

Chef Olive found her love of cooking while working in the restaurants her mother owned.

When she came of age, Chef Olive entered Connecticut Culinary School and served her internship at West Point Military Academy before moving to Savannah, GA to work for the Hyatt.

After working at a few independent restaurants she moved to the B.V.I. and was a charter boat chef for many years. Eventually she made her way back to the mainland settling in Jacksonville. Continuing her passion as the Regional Executive Chef for the Chart Houses, and Food and Beverage Manager at The Casa Marina Hotel, located on Jacksonville Beach.

Her love of cooking brought her back to the kitchen with the Culhane Sisters, at Culhanes Gastropub in Atlantic Beach. Her creations were featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. That’s right, Gulfport is now Flavortown.

Try the sandwich bar’s veggie sandwich

Chef Olive has joined the Salty’s Sandwich Bar venture to serve you some of her specialties.

Some must try items include the grilled triple cheese melt, the Philly beer cheesesteak, the fried bologna sandwich, the tuna melt, and the pastrami reuben.

The sandwich bar also has its own “Veg Head” sandwich made with roasted mushrooms, zucchini, sweet onion, red pepper, spinach and artichokes with garlic pesto mayo.

Gluten-free wraps are available, too.

I also highly recommend you start your meal with an order of fried pickleback pickles.

Follow Salty’s Sandwich Bar on Facebook for updates, and visit its website for a full menu.

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