Ruff election: Gulfport voting for city’s first Pet Mayor

Ruff election: Gulfport voting for city’s first Pet Mayor

Photo of several different dogs and cats running for mayor

I’m going to need you to paws and think carefully about who you are voting for. No, I’m not talking about the primaries. I’m referring to the wonderful city of Gulfport. Residents are set to elect the city’s FIRST pet mayor. The race is heating up, and the candidates are feline the pressure.

This special election was organized by the Gulfport Historical Society — and there are 12 adorable candidates to choose from. Just don’t boop them, they’re career politicians who mean business.

Hoping to raise awareness for animal rescues

Voting runs through February 15; and the Gulfport Historical Society will induct their pet mayor Feb. 22 at Gulfport’s Get Rescued.

The election isn’t totally brutal. In fact, to cat, Maxwell and Admiral, are running together. These purring potential mayors are ardent explorers, and comprise all that makes Gulfport so special.

Another candidate, Licky Lucky Lussier, overcame being blinded in one way. Licky is about moving forward, and you better believe they’ll stick to their 5 point plan for improving infrastructure in the area.

Puppy in the running for mayor

The youth movement has hit the election cycle, too. The puppy named Ember may be the youngest candidate in the race, but she has her eyes, ears, and snoot focused on the future.

A real dark horse in the race is Mahi. The sailing cat is garnering ample support along the beaches, and may just surprise a few voters.

You can see all the candidates on Gulfport Historical Society’s website.

Should St. Pete have a pet mayor

Now I believe it’s time we elect a pet mayor in the Sunshine City. I can already see a heated race forming between Teddy in the ‘Burg and Jax in the Pack.

Looking for more pet inspiration? Here’s a list of pet-friendly beaches in the Tampa Bay region. I’ve also compiled a list of pet-friendly hotels in St. Petersburg for our next visit and/or staycation.


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