MedMen, the Apple of medical marijuana shops, is opening in St. Pete

MedMen, the Apple of medical marijuana shops, is opening in St. Pete

The new MedMen building, a red cube style as viewed across the street.
Photo by Ysanne Taylor for I Love the Burg

Yes, you read that right: The Burg is getting MedMen. For the uninitiated, this medical marijuana shop offers high tech, white-glove service to all customers. Exceedingly popular in California, among other major weed markets, MedMen tailors the shopping experience to the customer. Its team of budtenders are basically sommeliers for marijuana.

Calling it the Apple of weed shops is no exaggeration. The designer behind the first 80 Apple stores, Allen D. Moyer, designed the building for Blake Investment Partners. It’s the most sophisticated structure in St. Pete, in terms of building methods, according to Blake Whitney Thompson.


Thompson revealed in a text message that the MedMen has clear spans with columns, panels that can last 100 years without fading, underground air quality, and more low voltage cable than a normal building 100x its size for computers and security.

He considers the structure itself to be a jewel box. We’d have to agree.

The MedMen is set to open on the corner of 5th Avenue North and 4th Street. If you’ve seen the giant red building, then that’s what been going on.

They have stores in Arizona, Illinois, California, Nevada, New York, and one Florida location in West Palm Beach. In addition to the planned St. Pete shop, MedMen is set to open nearly one dozen more stores in Florida in the coming year. They’ll be hitting all the major markets in the Sunshine State, from Jacksonville to Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale to Key West.


What to expect at a MedMen shop?

Similar to the West Palm Beach location, the St. Pete outpost could feature MedMen’s luxury line of effects-based products. According to a release on the MedMen website, customers can choose from a wide swath of moods. Choose from the activity-inspired Max, mood-lifting Joy, peaceful Zen, sleep-inducing Zzz, balancing One, and free-flowing Ebb iterations, available in both vape pens and tincture drops.

The shop also offers CBD products, and THC:CBD products depending on what effects you’re looking for.

Don’t worry, you’re not left to your own devices at MedMen. Employees can help tailor the entire shopping experience to your needs. They can guide you to the products/equipment that suits both your comfort level and your condition.

The St. Petersburg MedMen will be located at 326 5th Avenue North. There’s long been talk of Florida officially legalizing recreation marijuana.

Do you want to see legal weed in the Sunshine State? Let us know in the comments.


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