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7 unique art experiences for kids in St. Pete

7 unique art experiences for kids in St. Pete

Splatter paint at Art Tampa Bay

Is your fridge covered with masterpieces created by your tiny humans? Do you find yourself cleaning up remnants of abstract art creations on a daily basis? If so, this guide is for you! No matter the age or skill level of your budding artist, they are sure to find inspiration within the incredible St. Pete area art scene.
As a St. Pete parent and creator of Sunshine City with Kids, I am always looking to encourage my mini-Picassos to explore their creative side and open their horizons. If you’d like to do the same, start HERE by checking out these unique St. Pete area art experiences!


Floridarama (formerly known as Fairgrounds St. Pete)

📍2606 Fairfield Ave S, St. Pete
No matter your age, this incredible immersive art exhibit is truly mesmerizing. Floridarama is an indoor, interactive, and explorable world of playful art displays that will take you on a magical adventure. Located just minutes from downtown St.Pete and right next to Daddy Kool records, it’s a playground for the senses and nothing short of captivating for kids and adults alike. If you like wacky, weird, and novel— Floridarama is it! Child admission cost: FREE for 4 and under, $22-$25 for 5+.


The Imagine Museum

📍1901 Central Ave, St. Pete
The Imagine Museum is the kind of art experience that anyone can visit and be amazed. I will be the first one to admit that taking children to a glass museum could possibly be a recipe for disaster, BUT- with the proper rules and limits in place, it is truly a magical experience for little ones and adults alike. You should plan to spend about an hour here, roaming the two floors and multiple exhibits, and finding hidden gems with a museum curated scavenger hunt! Child admission cost: FREE for 6 and under, $10 for 5+.

Whimzeyland of Safety Harbor


📍1206 3rd St. N, Safety Harbor
Whimzeyland gives wild roadside attraction meets lawn art enthusiast – and we’re all about it! This unique home in Safety Harbor is and has been an artistic work in progress for over 20 years. Though it is a private home, the decorated yard is open to the public for free exploring, photo taking, and playing wicked hard games of “I Spy”! Whimzeyland is decorated in a variety of materials including plexiglas sculptures, paintings, bottle trees, recycled material sculptures, and even bowling balls! If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth your time to stop in and experience this special art installation.

Splatter paint at Art Tampa Bay

Art Tampa Bay

📍1474 Belcher Rd, Clearwater
Release your inner Jackson Pollock at Art Tampa Bay! This unique art experience will allow you and your kids to create your very own masterpiece in one of their special splatter paint studios! Upon arrival you will don your protective gear, pick your canvas, and start creating (or engage in an entertaining paint fight with your kids). Walk away with a one-of-a-kind work of art and a memory you and your kids will never forget!


The Chihuly Collection + Morean Glass Studio

📍720 Central Ave, St. Pete
Recently I took my art loving 5-year-old to see the Chihuly Collection and the neighboring Morean Glass Studio. Witnessing the magnificent glass scenes at The Chihuly creates an immersive atmosphere that truly captivates all ages. The one of a kind glass blowing demonstration was mind blowing to witness. My son couldn’t take his eyes off of the artists and he talked about it for days. Bottom line- A visit to the Chihuly Collection and Morean Glass Studio is an experience that will leave you inspired and awestruck! Child admission cost: FREE for 5 and under, $18 for 6+ (ticket includes glass blowing demo)

2D Cafe

The 2D Cafe

📍2105 Central Ave, St. Pete
We love anything to do with coffee, art, and novelty in our household so what better place to visit than the 2D Cafe?! Located in downtown St.Pete, this life-size coloring book (as my 5-year-old calls it) inspires whimsy and creativity just by stepping in the door. All of the amazing art and furniture in the 2D cafe is from the incredible talent of local artist Chad Mize– which makes it even more special for us. For kids, they offer an actual scene from the back wall to color and plenty of opportunity for games of “I spy”. You could easily spend an hour here sipping on coffee, having a bite, and admiring the art around you.

The Dali Museum

📍1 Dalí Blvd, St. Pete
The Dalí Museum is a wondrous, magical, mind opening, and all around FUN place for kids 4 and up. Our kiddo was impressively inquisitive and analytical of the unusual and interesting art around him, and took a genuine interest in the experience. The museum provides a workbook for kids that includes a scavenger hunt and opportunities to engage with the art. After your tour, grab a bite at the cafe and explore the creatively wacky outdoor courtyard. For an extra fee, add on the immersive Dali Alive 360 experience! Child admission cost: FREE for 5 and under, $12 for 6+.

Watch us explore these amazing art venues and more at @sunshicitywithkids!


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