Kahwa Goes Beyond Coffee, Launches New Scent Line

Oh, how the first of April seems to inspire some of the most remarkable and unbelievable concepts. Kahwa Coffee, which has been roasting in the Burg for more than a decade, looks to evolve and expand their product line with the launch of a scent called Caféine. The rich aroma of their local roast at sunrise is nearly all the fuel we need to wake up. Its delicate notes also prove soothing during a post-work decaf session.

Wear the delicate notes of Kahwa Coffee

For those not inclined to simply splash a Mint Mocha Latte on their pulse, Caféine scent serves as an adequate substitute. Over the years, Kahwa has added the flavors of lavender, vanilla and cherry to their arsenal of drinks. These flavors can often be found as the signature ingredient in top shelf colognes and perfumes.

“The inviting scent of a good roast is often as good as enjoying the brew it makes,” says Kahwa co-owner Raphael Perrier. “Our process to create a scent blending coffee with hints of cherry and honey was as detailed as creating our signature blends themselves.”

We do taste with our noses first. Kahwa’s local roast could complement fragrances from honey and nectarine blossom, to oakmoss and sage. The expansion beyond coffee is a testament to the bold entrepreneurial spirit that so defines Tampa Bay. Thinking outside the box is the hallmark of our shop local movement. Creativity, ingenuity and business flair are rewarded with loyalty and eagerness.

Hints of dark cherry essence in the scent

If you’re looking to give your co-workers or family members a second-hand caffeine kick, then this scent is one you need to wear. Customers can anticipate the scent to seamlessly blend sweet honey with dark cherry essence and a coffee bean rush described as magnetic. The roasters have not yet announced an exact launch date. Knowing Kahwa and their commitment to growth, this is only the beginning.


Okay, so they’re totally joking about the scent launch. Unfortunately, for now, customers will need to dip their finger into the coffee pot and gingerly splash Kahwa on themselves if they want the local roast scent. This, however, is one April Fools prank that we sincerely hope comes to fruition. The Burg deserves its own signature scent and we can’t think of any two people more suited to create it than Raphael and Sarah Perrier.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan is in his third year as Writer/Editor of iLovetheBurg.com. New York Times bestselling author Andre Dubus III has said of him, “Andrew Harlan has a sharp and discerning eye for detail that deftly captures character and landscape." He has published fiction and poetry in Sabal and Prime Number Literary Magazine. He graduated with honors from Eckerd College in 2013 with a B.A. in Creative Writing and a minor in Literature. He can be reached by phone: (727) 896-3435 or email: andrew@rkc.me