Cheryl Weber, JUJMO, turns the Tampa Bay region into her own canvas

Cheryl Weber, JUJMO, turns the Tampa Bay region into her own canvas

A person in a purple sweater and a green skirt standing in front of rainbow colored mural

JUJMO, Cheryl Weber, is a prolific artist in Tampa and St. Petersburg who is recognized for her signature vibrant color schemes and delightful characters. JUJMO most literally spreads joy across the region. Her work isn’t just for gallery spaces or alley walls, either. Her work has complimented the facade of Black Radish Grocery in St. Petersburg, and inside Love Food Central in the Grand Central District. Want a taste of her work? Just check out JUJMO’s website to browse and shop her latest creations.

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For JUJMO, it’s all about putting yourself out there, expressing yourself, and removing “imposter syndrome” from your vocabulary. Her work is heavily influenced by folklore and anime; the artist can breathe life into just about any everyday object.

A long red, orange, blue and pink mural featuring smiling clouds with tree branches hanging over the front of it.

JUJMO creates community through art

Her artist statement: JUJMO brings her affinity for color to life through drawings and paintings of happy, intertwined worlds. Fanciful, cartoonish, and strange creatures collide in her densely patterned compositions on walls, canvases, and even shoes and cars.

In 2017, JUJMO was a feature SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival Artist. Her work can be seen just off 17th Street and 1st Avenue South, across the street from Sunshine Kitty Catfe. This mural intermingles pink, blue, purple, lavender, yellow, peach and green sprawl in rounded, amorphous shapes, like a cartoon of an undulating, underwater reef, 48 feet wide and 14 feet high. It is a mammoth wave of love that washes over you.

An artist in a black dress, wearing glasses, poses in front of a painting with purple and blue shapes painted on a light pink canvas.

Local artists continue to uplift one another in the region

The artist graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Fine Arts. JUJMO wants to help create a more artistically conscious community. She wants to see others in the art community bring each other up, and makes the city a better place for all to live 

The life of an artist isn’t easy, but through the challenge JUJMO’s artist resolve is unshakeable and inspiring. She acknowledges and appreciates the help she’s received along her journey, including from the oft celebrated Chad Mize.

At the outset of the COVID 19 pandemic, JUJMO began a livestream drawing show. The concept was meant to provide the artist with a creative outlet, while interacting with and engaging with folks in the art scene. This bit of kind drew huge audiences, and became appointment viewing even for those less artificially inclined.

A mural featuring a yellow and orange background, and large green cacti

JUJMO launches live illustrating/drawing show

“Honestly, it doesn’t feel real. Since the quarantine I felt so down, doing this drawing show has given me so much happiness to connect with new/old friends and see what others create,” said JUJMO. “All I wanted to do was to create a chill, judgement free zone, for others to do their thing. Whether you’re an artist or someone who wants to blow off steam. I want it to be your time to shine, just as much as mine.”

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