Intermezzo Evolves with New Pop-Up Restaurant and Summer of Spritz

The EDGE District is in the midst of a small business renaissance. Intermezzo Coffee and Cocktails has been vital to the area’s surge as a must visit destination in the Sunshine City. It’s partnership with Empire Oysters garnered unanimous praise across the board from critics and customers alike.

Never one for stagnation, Intermezzo owner Jarrett Sabatini has already laid the groundwork for a new partnership. Shucking aside the pop-up oyster bar, visitors can now enjoy a light bite at the bar.


Tramezzino brings light bites and hearty flavor to EDGE District

Paolo Polo, owner of Acqua Alta in Clearwater, is introducing Tramezzino to St. Pete. Indulge in sandwiches stacked with fresh tomato, turkey and cheese before sinking a spoon into fresh made tiramisu. Best of all, the pop-up offers homemade gluten-free bread and gluten-free tiramisu.

Tramezzino is the diminutive of the word tramezzo with the addition of the suffix -ino, meant as a half-way between breakfast and lunch.

The concept will be open Monday through Wednesday, from 10am-2pm at the start, with goal of being open every weekday in the future.

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Inviting conversation and celebration on Central Avenue 

Setting aside the fabrications of loud music and sparse seating, Intermezzo instead is replete with meticulously selected chairs, couches and tables in small fishbowl formations to bring groups together. Sabatini even introduced decks of cards and a proud tower of literature’s finest to further engage visitors.

There’s no finer icebreaker than an artisanal cocktail and a sandwich crafted to please the palette and satisfy your appetite — without pushing you into the dreaded food coma.

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Summer of Spritz and happy hour deals arrive at Intermezzo

The innovation doesn’t end with food. Sabatini will soon introduce a special Summer of Spritz menu. Drinks include an Americano made with campari, sweet vermouth and soda; House Spritz made with dry red win or rosé, lemon and soda; and an Elderflower featuring St. Germain, mint and sparkling wine.

Intermezzo just launched a new happy hour Tuesday through Sunday, from 5-7pm. Visitors can enjoy premium well spirits and wines for $6, drafts for $3, and $6 cocktails. There’s nothing like a budget friendly Old Fashioned or classic Daiquiri to close out the work week.

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Intermezzo, 1111 Central Avenue

Written by Andrew Harlan

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