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11 awesome indoor play spots for kids in St. Pete

11 awesome indoor play spots for kids in St. Pete

inflatable obstacle course with multiple columns arranged around a central blue ring
Photo Courtesy of Catapult Adventure Park

Let’s be real, it’s Florida and summertime can be rough. As a mom of 2 and creator of Sunshine City with Kids, I know that between the heat, the humidity, and the summer storms, sending the kids outside to play is often not an option. As any St. Pete parent knows, sometimes the only way to beat the heat is in an air conditioned building. Fortunately, the St. Pete area has a growing number of indoor playgrounds, gyms, and activity centers focused on keeping kids entertained and active. If you need some summer ideas for burning off that endless kid energy, keep reading! This list will have you exploring all of the best spots for fun, engaging, indoor activities.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

If you ask our oldest kid where his favorite place in the world is, 9 times out of 10 he will say Sky Zone. (Yes, he’s been to Disney World). Sky Zone is a chain of indoor trampoline parks that is serious fun for the entire family. If you are an adult or have teenagers who want to get some exercise, this is probably the most fun way to work out. They offer obstacle courses, a climbing wall, bouncy basketball courts, and wall to wall trampolines. For the little kids and toddlers, Sky Zone offers “Little Leapers” jump times as well as a “Little Ninjas” area that has everything from ball pits and slides to spots to climb and balance. Best for: Ages 2 and up


Catapult Adventure Park

One of the newest indoor play spots in the area is CatapuIt Adventure Park. If you and your kids like to jump, slide, climb, run, and bounce – this is the place for you. You can play for up to two hours and then you should really leave and go take a nap. In addition to the bouncing, there are arcade games and a snack bar. They have a designated “Toddler Zone” and they also offer a ropes area geared towards teens/adults. Best for: All ages

photo courtesy of Sunshine City with Kids

Sunrise Lanes Bowling

Bowling is probably fun for the pros, but have you ever bowled with a tiny person who thinks they are pro? 10/10 recommend. In addition to bowling, Sunrise Lanes has an amazing game room that’s great for bigger kids and adults, a cafe that actually has really good pizza and all of the other typical kid diet staples, and a full bar if you’re bringing an adult that doesn’t have to chase after children. Most importantly, kids can bowl 2 free games a day during the summer with their Summer Fun Bowling Pass! Best for: All ages

interior or a skating rink with people roaming on the floor
Photo via Astro Skate Pinellas Park

Astro Skate of Pinellas Park

Astro Skate Pinellas Park is not just an indoor spot for kids – it’s a roller disco wonderland where memories are made with every spin and stumble (and we experience lots of stumbles). They offer daily open skate hours, special family skates, and lessons on the weekends. If you haven’t been, do yourself a favor and roll on over. Just be prepared to rediscover your inner child – and maybe invest in some knee pads while you’re at it. Best For: All ages


Romp n’ Roll

Romp n’ Roll is specifically for kids 5 and under and offers music classes, art classes, and open playtime in their gym. We prefer to go to Open Gym and just let the little guys act out their stunt double dreams at their leisure. Pretty much everything except the walls are padded so it’s a pretty safe space to let them climb and be wild. You can access their full schedule and reserve classes on their website. I recommend booking a day or two beforehand because they do fill up fast!
Tip: Bring socks for your kid and for yourself! Shoes are not allowed. Best for: Ages 5 and under

Photo courtesy of Sunshine City with Kids

Play World at Highland Rec Center

 Play World is pretty straight forward in both its name and its purpose. This indoor playground is located inside the Highland Recreation Center in Largo. It offers a colorful and padded environment for your little humans to let loose, climb, swing, slide, scream, roll, jump, and get wild –And in the comfort of the A/C! Play World is meant for children 11 and under but 8 AM until 10:30 AM are special hours just for children five and under. During this time, parents can participate in all of the towers and slides with their littles (which I low-key loved). Tip: bring socks (required). Best for: Ages 11 and under

Vertical Ventures

Vertical Ventures is like a giant playground for kids who have decided that climbing the walls at home just wasn’t cutting it anymore. It’s where they can scale towering walls like miniature Spider-People, with grips that look more like candy-colored ninja holds than anything your living room could offer. Parents can cheer from below, marveling at the sudden monkey-like abilities their offspring have developed, while secretly hoping they’ll tire out enough to sleep like rocks later. They offer special Climbing Tots classes for kids ages 2-5, a youth program, and homeschool hangouts. Best for: All ages

photo courtesy of Munchkin Town

Munchkin Town

Munchkin Town in Clearwater offers a colorful and fun environment where young kiddos can unleash their imagination and energy. With its array of interactive play structures, from ball pits to climbing walls, Munchkin Town encourages endless exploration and activity. It’s a haven where playtime is not only encouraged but celebrated, making it an indoor favorite for families looking to beat boredom and the heat! Tip- Book in advance for open play classes. Best for: Ages 5 and under

photo courtesy of Sunshine City with Kids

Bayside Sports Academy

This 28,000 square-foot, air-conditioned, and family-owned facility offers Gymnastics, Trampoline, Tumbling, Ninja Runners, Circus Arts, Adult Classes, and more. We started visiting the amazing Bayside Sports Academy facility last summer when seeking some refuge from the heat. Their Open Gym was the perfect place for our kiddos to shake their sillies out, and wiggle their energetic waggles away. Tip: Summer Open Play is for ages 0-5. Open Play for ages 6-13 begins again in August.
Best for: All ages

Great Explorations

Great Explorations Children’s Museum is a true St. Pete gem. This wonderful play place will allow your your little guys and gals to get out their energy climbing in the giant “tree house”, and exercise their imagination through pretend play as a veterinarian, nurse, dentist, firefighter, or even personal shopper at the mini Publix. There are so many areas to build, learn, and experiment. There is also an area for babies under 3 to explore! Great Ex offers hours of cool and comfy entertainment. If you’re in St. Pete with kids, it’s a solid spot to explore and play. Best for: Ages 10 and under


Topgolf St. Pete combines the joy of golf with a modern, interactive twist that’s fun for all ages. Kids get to swing clubs and aim for targets in a high-tech driving range setting, complete with colorful lights and instant feedback on their shots. Our 5-year-old’s favorite game at Top Golf is the virtual Angry Birds. It’s like his favorite video game came to life, and he simply can’t get enough. With delicious food and beverages available right at their hitting bay, you can also ensure that everyone stays energized while being entertained. Best for: Ages 5 and up

Have a safe and cool summer and be sure to follow me on Instagram at @sunshinecitywithkids for more family and kid friendly tips and guides!


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