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St. Pete Gems: Grand Central Brewhouse is a craft beer oasis

St. Pete Gems: Grand Central Brewhouse is a craft beer oasis

The exterior of Grand Central Brewhouse

One of St. Pete’s most beautiful venues of any kind is also one of the region’s most impressive craft breweries. Grand Central Brewhouse, located at 2340 Central Avenue, is a must-visit for locals and visitors alike – a premier venue with bonafide brews to back it up.

Since opening just a few short years ago, Grand Central Brewhouse – or GCB, as regulars call it – has become a mainstay in St. Pete’s booming beer scene. And indeed, among the many stellar options in town, Grand Central Brewhouse stands out for its spectacular beer garden, breathtaking rooftop views, and stunning tasting room, all of which houses a facility cranking out some supremely tasty German and Czech-style beers.

A group enjoying beer
Photo via Grand Central Brewhouse

While the massive musical mural or the grand façade with garage door windows are the first to catch the eyes of passersby, it’s the gleaming tasting room inside that helps make Grand Central Brewhouse such a wonder. The facility features shiny copper tanks suspended above the main bar; European-style serving tanks that ensure a fresher and crisper beer than you get from the traditional kegs used at the overwhelming majority of American breweries.

That impressive touch is the first sign of what is to come at Grand Central Brewhouse once the experience the begins. While GCB brews up a wide variety of beers and styles, they have a strong focus on German and Czech-style beers. They’re celebrated for their clean, crisp and refreshing lagers, alongside a robust lineup of IPAs, pale ales, stouts, porters and sours.

As one might imagine based on the serving style, Grand Central Brewhouse employs the traditional German and Czech brewing methods, as well as ingredients. From tall pilsner glasses and German steins to curvy weizen pints and dimpled, handled mugs, each style is served straight from the tanks and into the glassware that best complements the flavors and aromas.

Enjoy big events in the GCB beer garden

People in a beer garden
Photos courtesy Grand Central Brewhouse

Of course, it’s not just about the beer at GCB. At least, not entirely. Part of what makes the venue so much fun is the constant rotation of events. Their calendar is full year-round with festivals, yoga classes, holiday parties, game nights, and plenty more.

Perhaps among the most popular of their regular offerings is the easiest to join in on: live music. GCB welcomes in live performers four days a week in the beer garden, every Thursday-Sunday, showcasing top local artists such as Radio Silent, Doug South, The Sundaes, and Hot Tonic. And don’t miss their popular Dueling Pianos show if you can catch a performance. In addition to public events, the second floor taproom and terrace can be booked for a private events, such as business socials, wedding rehearsal or engagement parties, birthday parties, and more.

Beer tanks inside of a brewery

Plus, any beer you drink at Grand Central Brewhouse is helping to do good for the world. Every month, the brewery selects three beers, and 15% of all sales from those brews go toward local charities through their GCB Brew Good program. While two of the offerings rotate, their German Pilsner, “Peninsular,” is part of a permanent partnership with Tampa Bay Watch called “Beer for the Bay.”

And don’t forget – whenever you’re visiting Grand Central Brewhouse, you can always get food from LALA St. Pete, an elevated pub that shares the property with the brewery and dishes up some truly tasty eats.

Learn more about Grand Central Brewhouse at, and follow them on facebook, as well as on Instagram, for updates on upcoming events.


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