BE Athletic, a Warehouse Arts District favorite, to close at end of year

BE Athletic, a Warehouse Arts District favorite, to close at end of year

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Sad news has come in St. Pete’s fitness community, as The BE Athletic announced that it will be closing its gym at the end of the month. BE Athletic was opened three years ago by The Body Electric Yoga Company, one of St. Pete’s most popular yoga studios, and the Warehouse Arts District gym developed a strong community alongside its coaches.

However, while the gym had cultivated a following, it wasn’t enough for the business to reach profitability. Body Electric had purchased the building when it opened the business before covid hit, and relied largely on the yoga studio to float the gym. Co-owner Jenny Miller said the building, in a prime location in the growing Warehouse Arts District, will be listed for sale in January.

While Miller shared her disappointment that the venture couldn’t continue, she expressed her gratitude for the community that supported each other and the gym over the last few years. She said the company put an incredible amount of time and resources into the gym, but too many hurdles and the negative effects of covid proved too difficult to overcome.


“I can’t say what might’ve happened had circumstances and timing been different, but, we are very proud of the community we created and the work we all did,” she said. “We’re really grateful for and humbled by the support we’ve received, and for the buy-in of our staff and clients.”

The Body Electric Yoga offers robust lineup of classes

On the bright side, however, Miler expressed a great deal of optimism for what the sale of building will do to help strengthen and continue to grow Body Electric Yoga. The beloved studio celebrates its 10th anniversary in March, and Miller has set a goal of purchasing the building in the future.

“Hopefully that ensures that we’ll be able to keep providing awesome mindful movement programming in that space for many years,” she said.


Body Electric has continued beefing up its programming, adding more and classes (including many virtual ones) to its robust lineup. Of note, BE hosts a free sunset yoga class on the St. Pete Pier every month, and in January the studio is once again hosting its popular “108 Sun Salutations” event at Cage Brewing.

“That has been super fun, and we’ve done it every year we’ve been open,” Miller said. “A great crowd always comes out, so sign up, mark your calendars. In the studio, we have workshops for everyone. A lot of our teachers are getting more into the passive practices lately, yin yoga, sound bowls, yoga nidra. Our Foundations classes, designed for beginners and those wanting to get more in-depth, are really outstanding. And of course we have classes for those working on advanced postures, too.”

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