Zero waste produce stand opens in Kenwood

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More access to local produce and swag? Count us in. Marcille Powers, along with a dedicated group of St. Pete residents, has launched a zero waste produce stand at 3325 5th Avenue North.

This shop complements the city’s commitment to curbing plastic waste — as evidenced by the growing popularity of the No Straws St. Pete movement. The unique food items at the Kenwood Produce Stand are can be taken out in artistically made reusable containers. If customers bring back the containers they’ll receive a discount on their next purchase.

Kenwood Organic Produce launches canning project

In addition to produce, the owners plan to sell their own line of line of sauces, jellies, veggie patties, almond milks, dried veggie and fruit chips, and other wonderful food items.

In addition to plastic waste, many grocery stores are susceptible to food waste as certain products expire. The Kenwood Produce Stand plans to combat that with a canning project for their produce. There are also plans to dehydrate vegetables to greatly extend the shelf life.

The Kenwood Produce Stand features a gated yard where workshops and fun communal classes will be held for kids and adults.

Owners launch a Kickstarter campaign

This is a concept we are fully behind. Expanding access to healthy produce that directly supports the Burg economy is always welcome in the Sunshine City.

To help with the officially opening of the stand the owners have launched a Kickstarter campaign. Donors receive a Kenwood Organic T-shirt, a reusable tote bag, a stainless steel straw and more depending on how much you give.

The shop has raised $1,245 of its $3,333 goal.

The funds would help secure a walk-in freezer. Want to learn more? Visit their Kickstarter page for further details. You can also find Kenwood Organic Produce on Facebook.

Are you excited for more opportunities to shop local in St. Pete?

Written by Andrew Harlan

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