St. Pete staple Wilson’s Lounge officially closes doors for good

St. Pete staple Wilson’s Lounge officially closes doors for good

The exterior of Wilson's and a sign announcing the closure

After a tumultuous couple years that began with the onset of the pandemic, one of St. Pete’s oldest bars has turned the lights off for good. Wilson’s Sports Lounge on 4th Street had been in the news recently for potential issues, and this week the bar announced via marquee that its nearly 50-year run had come to a final close.

Lacking a social media presence to share the news, it was appropriate that the old-school joint made the announcement on the memorable sign in front of its even more memorable façade. Even the message itself was a bit vague and cloudy, not unlike the smoky bar itself. But in what seems to be their last word, owners sent a message of gratitude to the Sunshine City.


“End of an era. Thanks for many yrs of patronage. Will miss u.”

No word yet if fond memories have been shared by the Magic Mike stars who famously filmed inside the bar.

Wilson’s leaves lasting legacy through growth of St. Pete

Wilson’s was renting the building from the property owner, and according to reporting from the Tampa Bay Times, they found Wilson’s to be in default of the lease agreement for not having the proper level of insurance. This was on top of reported recent code violations for the building itself.

While the sign from Wilson’s certainly indicates the closure is permanent, the property owner appeared to leave room for Wilson’s to return if something could be worked out, telling the Times he will “figure out what [Wilson’s] wants to do and look at all the options.”

If this is indeed the end for Wilson’s Sports Lounge, it was an impressive run that saw the transformation of St. Petersburg from a sleepy waterfront town to a bustling metropolitan city. The question now will be: what next for the prime chunk of real estate on 4th Street?


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