Why The ‘Burg is Total #EyePorn

Why The ‘Burg is Total #EyePorn

#Instaburg, #igersstpete, #iheartstpete, #ilovetheburg are all gateway drugs into the infinite feed of sunshine, pop culture murals, fresh brewed coffee, decadent food, endless stretches of white sand and clouds that form like mountains. Here are a few reasons why St. Pete is the most Grammable city you'll ever record.

The Sunset

*Photo via smilinginside2

You think we'd get tired of living in a postcard after a while, but no. In the same way a northeners covet their snowflakes we covet our sun, and no incendiary evening is quite like the other. 

The #RareBurgers

The greatest limitation for some artists is the search for substance within their subject.  St. Pete is never short on character and chaos and the rare 'Burgers that inhabit this city leave plenty of opportunity for Kodak moments.  

The #FoodPorn

*Photo via @renaissancemaverick

*Photo via Megan W.

It's no secret this city is a foodie paradise, just ask Forbes.  We got high end Steak Houses, BBQ joints, food Trucks all over the city and the best damn Cuban you've ever had.  The food comes out looking so pretty people are more inclined to sink their lense into the dish before their fork. 

The Museums #ForSurreal

*Photo via @gabicus

The Dali Museum on the beautiful waterfont of the 'Burg harbors the eccentric artists most provocative, strange and straining artistic endeavors.  If it gets too surreal for you you can head over to the Museum of Fine Arts where pieces ingrained in brush history are hung and new movements in the art world are started. The expansive Chihuly Collection on Beach Drive is filled with neon and glacial pieces that literally tint and swallow whole rooms. Whatever medium you're interested in, the 'Burg has the exhibit for you, and while photography is limited in some spots, you can still sneak a gram here and there.

The Murals

*Photo via Chad Mize

With artists like Bask and the Vitale Brothers roaming the streets no back alley wall or strip of concrete will be left dull for long. Images depicting the iconic Twiggy, Iron Man and the 50's Mexican Cult Classic Dona Diabla compliment the vibrant personalities of St. Pete. 

Lots of Lightning #TakeShelter #OneSecond #SuperShutterSpeed #WorthIt

*Photo courtesy of corey_causeway

Some places got mountains, others have skylines, some have fearsome creatures or pretty flowers. The 'Burg's got lightning and there's not a more fitting affect or natural phenomenom better suited for the 'Burg and the state at large.

Da Beach

*Photo via hwohlfe32

If you ever go down the rabbit hole of Instagram on a Monday at 3pm in the 'Burg then you know the pure pain of other peoples beach pics.  It's hard not to take snaps of the #cloudporn above and the white sands below. The water is warm, there are plenty of spots to snack and cool off bars for the dehydrated every other block. Not to mention the fact that St. Pete Beach continues to pop up on Trip Advisor's top 10 list for best beach in the U.S. If you stick around long enough you'll probably see a wedding or 10. 

Whatever corner of St. Pete you find yourself in I hope you have a camera ready with enough data to finish the upload.  Although don't be afraid to hold a moment just for yourself. There are some things that can't be captured in a camera or shared on a feed, some moments can't be done justice with a hashtag and a Valencia Lo Fi Filter.  Leave those moment for your brain, for everything else theres #Instragram.

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