Why St. Pete Is Cycle Heaven

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Over the past few years, the Bay area has embraced the burgeoning cyclist community that has been making the streets of St. Pete and Tampa less polluted and a little bit healthier. The cities have adopted designated lanes for cyclists, added extra racks for bikers to lock up their rides, and have even implemented bike-share programs for downtown workers to get from the office to lunch and home without adding to downtown traffic congestion. So why is the Burg cycle heaven?


Because real gear heads ride in Tweed

*Video courtesy St. Pete Tweed Ride

The St. Pete Tweed Ride comes equipped with an energy and atmosphere that would make Fitzgerald blush. Cyclists from the Bay area don vintage tweed and take a classic stroll down the central streets of St. Pete. So groom your mustache, stitch on some elbow patches, and start pedaling!


Because once a month the cyclists revive Williams Park

*Photo by Critical Mass

Critical Mass gathers a community of dedicated riders and takes a cycle tour of the Burg on the last Friday of every month. It's done to raise awareness of the growing population of commuters who are no longer driving cars/motorcycles to work and instead take the healthy and conscious path of pedaling to the office and elsewhere. 

Because on top of having a multitude of bike shops to choose from: 2 Fold, Northeast Cycle, ABC, St. Pete Bike & Fitness, St. Pete Bike West, Jim's Bicycle Shop

*Photo by ABC Bike


St. Pete even provides bike rentals for visitors!

*Photo by Trek St. Pete

Wheel Fun Rentals and Trek Bicycle Shop among others allow customers to rent bikes for the day. There isn't a more beautiful view in downtown St. Pete than along the waterfront strip of Bayshore Drive and the countless parks that surround it. 

Because St. Pete makes Bikes-To-Go

*Photo via Wikipedia

You can head over to Two Fold Bike Shop at 657 Central Ave. to purchase your own portable, packable piece of transportation. Nifty, we say!

Because true cyclists know you haven't lived until you've taken a fixie over old brick roads.

Forget mountain terrain. You don't know rough and unpredictable until you've pedaled over the historic streets of St. Pete, especially after a fit of rain. 


Because St. Pete knows the true meaning of 'Biker Bar'

*Photo by Pedal Pub

If you're looking for a good time with craft beer and friends, then you need to book a seat on the Pedal Pub. St. Pete's bar-on-wheels ventures the downtown area by hitting our award-winning sprawl of breweries from Green Bench to St. Pete Brewery and Cycle.

And lest we forget, there is also the group Burg Pub Riders that rides every Saturday after First Friday of every month to enjoy some pedaling and beer drinking with like-minded individuals. In addition, much like Running for Brews, the group has also established Biking for Brews for those who may want to get further out than downtown like Gulfport or St. Pete Beach.

Photo by Burg Pub Riders

Because the Burg abides by the ever trending DIY culture.

*Photo by St. Pete Bike Co Op

The St. Pete Bike Co-Op provides new and veteran cyclists the space and tools to repair or spruce up their bikes. The Co-Op also provides riders with lessons/workshops in bike maintenance so they'll never be caught carrying their gear back home! 

*Header image via St. Pete Tweed Ride

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Written by Andrew Harlan

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