You can now take a tour through the wild WhimzeyLand in Safety Harbor

You can now take a tour through the wild WhimzeyLand in Safety Harbor

WhimzeyLand in Safety Harbor, Florida is a folk art dream come true, and soon you’ll be able to join tours of the complex at 1206 3rd North. 

WhimzeyLand is a marquee attraction in Safety Harbor and in the state of Florida.

Here’s a bit of context courtesy of Katie Bush in Atlas Obscura:

“Florida artists Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda have spent the last 20 or more years turning their home and neighboring properties into flamboyant works of art. Originally known simply as the “Bowling Ball House” for the (now over 500) painted bowling balls littering the yard in various formations. Pyramids, stacks, and walls of bowling balls adorn the grounds, surrounded by a schizophrenic landscape of color created by the other works of recycled art all around.”

Now you can take a Fabulous Whimzeyland Complex Tour. On the tour you will learn about how Whimzeyland and Safety Harbor Art and Music Center are connected and a whole lot of other fun facts that you never knew you needed to know.

So what happens during a WhimzeyLand Tour?

You’ll begin by touring the grounds of Whimzeyland; a focal point of Safety Harbor.

Whimzeyland has been featured in myriad television shows including Home Strange Home. This yard is full of wonder with it’s fabulous recycled shrines, 600 bowling balls, mosaic pathways, wire art daisies, and mermaid carvings. You are invited to hop up on the giant mosaic moon, pose with smiling joker heads, and gaze down at the sparkling pathway of inspirational words.

Next, you will visit the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center just blocks away.

SHAMc was created by the art collective and will remind you of Whimzeyland. This fantastic mirrored mosaic building was literally built by the community one piece at a time. Tour the open air Odd-itorium and see what’s so special about the bathrooms! Find magic with the beautiful life-sized unicorn and pose with Elle the giant elephant. SHAMc is a place that will transform your imagination and get you thinking about how to make your neighborhood special by adding your artistic flair.

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