New Vitale Bros mural arrives as part of national kindness campaign

New Vitale Bros mural arrives as part of national kindness campaign

A sunset mural by the Vitale Bros

In a city where the streets and buildings are a canvas for art, the newest mural in the Burg is part of a nationwide campaign for kindness. St. Pete’s famed Vitale Bros have just put the finishing touches on a new mural at 3 Daughters Brewing that makes a simple request of its viewers: relax and be kind.

The beloved muralists were commissioned by Verizon as part of a nationwide mural project. The wireless communication company has asked local artists in cities across the country to simply paint what inspires them, giving them free rein to create their own vision. The movement is part of Verizon’s “Call For Kindness” campaign, as they pay the artists for their work in an attempt to spread positives vibes during turbulent times.


“We partnered with artists from cities across the U.S. to get their creative take on what kindness means to them,” Verizon said. “They each designed and painted a mural on an approved outdoor wall in their city. These pieces of ‘kind’ art will inspire thousands of passers by for weeks and months to come.”

Included in each mural is a QR code that can be scanned to see a video further explaining the campaign. Verizon says the goal is to put stories of kindness front and center as they celebrate the impact that each act makes.

The Vitale Bros take on spreading kindness invokes the traditional soothing colors of a Gulf Coast sunset, presented in a decidedly-Floridian fashion complete with colorful and blossoming plantlife. It’s hard not to relax when being transported to a tranquil sunset on St. Pete Beach. The mural is located on the south side of the brewery as part of the 3 Daughters beer garden. 3 Daughters Brewing opens daily at 11:30 am.

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