USF Brewing Arts alum opens new taphouse in Gulfport

USF Brewing Arts alum opens new taphouse in Gulfport

Exterior of a blue and white tap house with a fire pit out front

The Univeristy of South Florida St. Petersburg offers a unique brewing arts program. The emergence of St. Pete as a craft beer destination allows students in the program to learn from the very best in the business. This brewing accelerator system is now producing the next generation of brewers in the Tampa Bay region. Welcome to William Houston Gilbreath’s North End Taphouse.

The North End Taphouse serves beers, ciders and seltzers brewed locally in the Tampa Bay region. Guests can also expect a selection of deli items, and light bar snacks. There’s also ample outdoor seating so you can enjoy the cotton candy sunsets in Gulfport.

A grand opening is scheduled for February 29. have musicians and bands playing throughout the day, as well as representatives from some of the breweries whose beer they carry, will be there to talk about their beers and brewery between bands.

The North End Taphouse is located at 2908 1/2 Beach Boulevard South.

This isn’t the only exciting debut in Gulfport.

Caddy’s recently opened a new location in the quaint city.

Fortunato’s, one of the most popular pizza joints in Tampa Bay, also calls Gulfport home now.

A brand new sweet spot, A Friend Who Bakes, has joined Stella’s as a go-to spot to start your day.

OH, and if you still couldn’t get enough of Gulfport, the city is electing a pet mayor, and the race is ruff.

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