Unlimited Video Games in Pinellas Park is the largest retro game store in the U.S.

Unlimited Video Games in Pinellas Park is the largest retro game store in the U.S.

Photo via Unlimited Video Games

Pinellas Park’s video game palace just underwent a rebrand, and they’re launching the new name with a weekend of deals at their spacious store. Unlimited Video Games features more than 30,000 titles from Atari to N64, PS2 to PS5, and even some Dreamcast relics to entice your gaming habit. The amazing store also buys games, so if you have any discs or cartridges taking up space, then consider bringing them here.

The team behind the shop claim it’s the largest retro video game shop in the country. While we can’t fully confirm that designation, we did find ourselves getting lost for hours among the stacks of classic titles. Conkers Bad Fur Day is a that late stage N64 masterpiece that still calls our name.

Unlimited Video Games features one of the coolest arcades in the state of Florida. The shop has an amazing array of arcade classics, and nostalgic console titles. It costs just $5 For each person. That’s right, no quarters required to enjoy this gaming bastion. “We have dozens of classic arcade games, 6+ video game console stations, and a huge outdoor space with a stage! We also host tournaments, events, and private parties,” write the store owners.

Unlimited Video Games features a retro arcade

You can visit this resplendent shop at 6901 US Hwy 19 N. This locally owned entertainment palace suits gamers young and old. Need Atari titles? They got them. Craving the glory of a classic N64 cartridge? You’ll have your pick of games. On the hunt for obscure Japanese titles? There is a wide selection of games shipped over on a rotating basis.

Owners and lifelong friends Gregg Lonkey and Patrick Kearsley opened the the original M&M Video Games 8 years ago. They originally operated out of much smaller spaces along Central Avenue. As their shop’s popularity grew, so did the need for expansion.

Vintage racing, fighting, and addictive adventure platformers are also available to play. You could lose yourself for an entire afternoon, and since it seems like summer will. never end, we’re looking for any excuse to enjoy some AC.

Buy, sell, and trade video games in the store

It’s a locally grown concept that serves as an enormous love letter to the art, craft, and joy of gaming. Visit the shop’s website and follow them on Instagram for updates on game tournaments, and in-store events.

The rebrand weekend will feature special discounts on games in the store. Visit the event page for all the details.

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