Time to Slay: Bjorkestra brings BuffyFest back to Downtown St. Pete

Photo of a live orchestra

Once more, with feeling. Yes, that’s right. The Florida Bjorkestra is once again turning the Sunshine City into Sunnydale. BuffyFest returns to the ‘Burg on April 11 at The Palladium Theater.

The iconic ’90s and early aughts television series was a wild, fun, 4th wall breaking piece of pop culture that transfixed and entertained millions on a weekly basis. Interspersing monster-of-the-week storytelling tropes with frenetic bits of comedy, mumblecore (before it was a thing), soap opera-esque romance, and thrilling action sequences, Buffy has remained cult favorite for decades.

Welcome to the Sunnydale City

This April, St. Pete will become Sunnydale — the town depicted in Joss Whedon’s hit series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Be prepared to be immersed in full Buffydom mood, myth and experience when the entirety of the Palladium will be transformed by the 28-piece band featuring strings, horns, 12 vocalists and a rock band core.

BuffyFest is an inspired multimedia event with musicians, artists, makers and cosplayers all cleverly rallying around the iconic Buffy The Vampire Slayer theme. Visitors are invited to channel and dress up as their favorite character from the series.

Iconic tunes from Buffy performed at The Palladium 

A live performance of the songs from “Dr. Horrible” and “Once More With Feeling” — said to be one of the most groundbreaking television episodes of all time — and other songs from the Buffyverse will be presented by the Florida Björkestra.

Along with the musicians, there will be a local artist marketplace known as The Magic Box artist vendor space

Cosplayers, art show and more at the Side Door 

The popular Palladium Side Door will function as The Magic Box. The downstairs area will become a  urated space where local artists will present and sell their creations. Photo and signing opps with cast members and cosplayers will be available here.

Reserved tickets go on sale on February 7 at noon. The event begins at 5pm at The Palladium Theater, 253 5th Avenue North.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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