This shop’s ice cream 100% vegan — and it’s opening on Central Avenue

This shop’s ice cream 100% vegan — and it’s opening on Central Avenue

*Featured image courtesy of Nans Plant Based Ice Cream


Love ice cream? How about veggies? Hope we didn’t lose you because Plant + Love‘s ice cream flavors are completely vegan and totally delicious. Described as an artisan and vegan collective, Plant + Love has been popping up at spots like Cider Press Cafe, Cage Brewing and Tampa Veg Fest.

Soon it’ll open a permanent location at 953 Central Avenue. They’ve teased decadent flavors for the fall and winter seasons, including pumpkin spice, orange dream, lemon ginger and dark divine chocolate.

Serving CBD-infused flavors

How do they raise the bar on their inspired vegan flavors? They make CBD-infused batches, too, as part of their wellness flavor line.

Plant + Love isn’t the only vegan ice cream shop in town.

Plant based ice cream pops up across Tampa Bay

Nan’s plant-based ice cream has a presence at Golden Dinosaur, Locale Market, Saturday Morning Market, Vegan International Company and Community Cafe and Duckweed Grocery in Tampa, among other locations.

Many plant-based ice creams are made with avocado puree, rice milk and hemp milk. Nan’s mix of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory herbs make their desserts as healing as they are addicting.

A recent creation, the pumpkin spice milkshake, boasts a powerful Vitamin A boost known to assist your immune system, eyes and bone health.

We can attest that you wouldn’t know these ice creams were vegan if you blindly tasted them.

Would you eat vegan ice cream? Let us know in the comments.




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