This Burg bar is serving Girl Scout Cookie inspired milkshakes

You read that right: Girl Scout Cookie inspired milkshakes. Where can you get these super sweet (and boozy) creations? Beans & Barlour downtown. You know, the creative bar where you can literally eat the dishes.

Owner Story Stuart is always experimenting with flavors and wanted to do something special for Girl Scout Cookie season. Behold the boozy Girl Scout Cookie inspired milkshake menu:

  • Thin Mint: Mint chocolate shake with peppermint vodka and Irish cream, topped with boozy whipped cream, garnished with Thin Mints, mint chocolate chips and green sixlets.
  • Samoa: Chocolate milkshake with caramel and coconut, blended with coconut rum and chocolate liqueur, topped with boozy whipped cream and topped with toasted coconut, caramel chocolate cups and Samoas.
  • Tagalong: Peanut butter chocolate shake with whiskey and hazelnut liqueur, topped with boozy whip and garnished with peanut butter, Tagalongs and peanut butter cups.

Don’t worry, Beans & Barlour also offers vegan and alcohol-free milkshake options too.

Beans & Barlour is located at 538 1st Avenue North. Learn more about the bar by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan is in his third year as Writer/Editor of New York Times bestselling author Andre Dubus III has said of him, “Andrew Harlan has a sharp and discerning eye for detail that deftly captures character and landscape." He has published fiction and poetry in Sabal and Prime Number Literary Magazine. He graduated with honors from Eckerd College in 2013 with a B.A. in Creative Writing and a minor in Literature. He can be reached by phone: (727) 896-3435 or email: