There’s a new rooftop apiary in St. Pete, and it’s on top of a downtown Museum

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Have you heard the local buzz? A rooftop apiary has just been added to the Museum of Fine Arts downtown. The bees arrived at their new home on May 24, according to an Instagram post from Noble Nectar Apiaries.

The partnership is a conservation effort to protect the world’s bees. These beautiful, buzzing insects help keep our neighborhoods and meals colorful and sweet. Plus, we’re all about local honey during allergy season.

Noble Nectar is an organization dedicated to helping bees thrive. They also provide bee removal services as an alternative to extermination for residents, sell honey and wax products and provide bee education for kids.

They hope that, in the future, more local businesses will team up to help save the bees in a similar way!

You can contact them to set up an appointment by calling (727) 415-2518 or shooting them an email on their website.

They are safe and affordable alternative to extermination. We’re here for it. Keep beeing you, bees!

Written by Kacy Vance

Kacy Vance

Kacy is a freelance writer for I Love the Burg. She graduated from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg with a degree in Mass Communications and Criminology. Her thesis on Deaf and Disability representation in the media was published as part of the DePauw University Ethics Symposium in 2018.