Need hand sanitizer? The Refillery begins carrying batches made by Kozuba & Sons Distillery

Need hand sanitizer? The Refillery begins carrying batches made by Kozuba & Sons Distillery

Photo of sunscreen bottles and hand sanitizer

St. Petersburg’s near zero-waste, eco-friendly boutique continues to provide vital cleaning and hygienic products amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Refillery operated at limited hours for several weeks as the owners navigated these tough times. But a commitment to supporting its local community allowed this business to persevere. Now, the eco-boutique is carrying vital products.

Among the household essentials are bottles of hand sanitizer made locally at Kozuba Distillery. The local spirit community has used its resourced to provide hand sanitizer for businesses, first responders.

Now more than ever it’s imperative to support local businesses. Monica Leonard opened this shop nearly one year ago in the Sunshine City with a mission to provide safe, organic products to residents, while helping the city cut down on single-use plastics.

The Refillery is open for regular hours: Monday-Wednesday 10am-4pm; Thursday and Friday 11am-7pm; Saturday 10am-5pm. They are also offering curbside pickup and refills. Just call before you arrive at 727-202-7120 so someone from the shop will be available to assist you.

It’s swarming season in the Sunshine City, and we could all use more repellent. The Refillery has grown its bug repellent section to protect against ticks, ants, fleas, beetles, palmetto bugs and more.  These products are completely safe to use around your pet, too.

Beaches are reopening, and The Refillery has a variety of reef safe sunscreen from Stream 2 Sea.

The Refillery offers a variety of soaps for your hands and for dishes, detergents, reusable cloths, utensils and more. A new concept has arisen from these times that keeps customers safe and clean, while providing a family-friendly activity at home: Introducing Refillery DIY Kits.

The brand new DIY Kits come with the ingredients, container, and instructions. You can make your own lip balm, deodorant, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, body balm, and more.

Keeping your space clean has never been more of a priority. If you’re going to do it, consider shopping and supporting local. The products at The Refillery assist in cutting down waste.

Refillery products include Marley’s Monsters 100% cotton cleaning cloth. It can be used as a mop head attachment, oversized washcloth or for general cleaning. They’re washable & reusable!

Molly’s Suds, a concept from the owner of The Refillery, is well represented at the store. The locally owned concept offers athletic detergent, all-purpose cleaners, sink scrubs and more.

There’s also plenty for your kids to enjoy at The Refillery. The shop offers compostable bandages with pandas on them, children’s toothpaste, sudzy putty (moldable soap), bubble bath, teething rub, kid-sized bamboo toothbrushes and fun cloths for everyday messes.

Another way to support this locally-owned independent business is through gift card purchases. You can buy one in person or over the phone 727-202-7120. In an effort to save paper & create less waste we send them digitally by text or email. 

The Refillery is also nearing its one-year anniversary. The official date is April 22 (Earth Day), stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on special offerings.

The Refillery, 7490 30th Avenue North 


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