The Florida Orchestra to take over Museum of Fine Arts for one day

The Florida Orchestra to take over Museum of Fine Arts for one day

Photo of a violinist playing a violin

The Florida Orchestra is not a group prone to stagnation. These musicians, conductors, and event organizers consistently find new ways to bring classics and pops to a wider, curious audience. TFO’s latest endeavor will see the group take over the Museum of Fine Arts on Sunday, January 26.

Florida Orchestra live at The MFA 

The TFO takeover is part of the Museum of Fine Arts’ new exhibition, Art of the Stage: Picasso to Hockney, which will be on view from January 25 through May 10. Art of the Stage celebrates artists from Picasso to Hockney who have contributed to the innovation of costume, set, and stage design. It is a collection that examines collaborations with Ballets Russes at the turn of the century, works in Revolutionary Russia of the 1920’s and 30’s, Neo-Romantic and Surrealist theater, as well as Contemporary Design.

MFA’s first artists collaboration is with The Florida Orchestra in presenting a series of musical events inspired by Art of the Stage: Picasso to Hockney. During this event, The Florida Orchestra will entertain visitors with multiple performances throughout the museum.

Performances will take place in multiple spots throughout the museum during the day. The space offers stellar acoustics, so you’re in for a treat no matter where you find yourself in the MFA. Here’s the full schedule for Sunday, January 26:

• 12:30 pm: Tchaikovsky Serenade and Mozart Violin Concerto (Conservatory)
• 1:05 pm: Les aventures de Mercure by Satie (Marly Room)
• 1:30 pm: Stravinsky Octet (Hough Gallery)

• 2:30 pm: Tchaikovsky Serenade and Mozart Violin Concerto (Conservatory)
• 3:05 pm: Les aventures de Mercure by Satie (Marly Room)
• 3:30 pm: Stravinsky Octet (Hough Gallery)

Live sketching with the Sarasota Ballet 

Performances are free to enjoy with Museum of Fine Arts admission. The Beach Drive cultural gem has myriad more collaborations planned.

During the exhibition’s opening on Saturday, January 25, the Sarasota Ballet Conservatory invites artists and students to practice live sketching. Creatives can explore live drawing and the different skills required to capture the moving body. The MFA will have some sketch pads and pencils available (limited quantity), but you can also bring your own for a drawing session with dancers as they move through their exercises.

Opera and film screenings at the exhibition 

Renowned performer Ashley Thunder will perform opera in the gallery on February 5, March 6, April 2, and May 7.

The dynamic, and highly activated exhibition will also include several exciting film screenings at The MFA. Make More Noise! might be one of the most exciting and relevant — and its first screening takes place on January 30 at 7pm. The film is a fascinating compilation of 21 historic and important short films – with a specially commissioned score by Lillian Henley – combines newsreels and documentaries with early comedies. Some offer grotesque parodies of female militants (often played by men in drag), but others feature unruly girl children who wreak havoc and still have the last laugh… These gloriously anarchic comedies reveal as much about young women’s aspirations as do the newsreels of demonstrations, arson attacks and other dramatic provocations.

There will also be a special outdoor screening of “Aelita, Queen of Mars” with a live score performend by La Lucha on April 17 and April 19.

Detroit-based Chamber Orchestra residency at The MFA 

One of the most exciting arrivals is the Sphinx Virtuosi. The Detroit-based group will be at the MFA as part of a special, three-day residency, culminating in a powerful concert performance of their program, For Justice and Peace.

It will feature John Williams’ Three Themes (arrangements from scores of Schindler’s List, Angela’s Ashes, and Hymn to the Fallen (from Saving Private Ryan); Frank Schubert’s Death and the Maiden, a work by Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla; and a piece from black British composer, Philip Herbert, dedicated to 18-year-old Stephen Lawrence whose life was lost to violence.

The performance will take place on February 21 from 7-9pm. Tickets are $20 for non-MFA members, and $10 for members.


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