Dreamy dessert lounge, The Cake Drip, preps for EDGE District debut

Dreamy dessert lounge, The Cake Drip, preps for EDGE District debut

Cake Drip, an elegant chocolate boutique and champagne lounge, will open at 1104 Central Avenue this year in the EDGE District. Beautiful pink flowers, and some signage recently popped up outside its future home.

Faronda Davis, owner/founder of The Cake Drip, launched ABC Chefs, her successful kids cooking school, back in 2008. Over the course of several years Davis grew it to where it now has been featured on Food Network, FOX and FYI. Davis decided “it’s time for some adult fun” in 2021.

Thousands of flowers make The Cake Drip a fairytale come to life

The gorgeous space in Hyde Park is filled with more than 10,000 flowers; it’s plucked straight from the pages of a fairytale.

This shop’s handcrafted chocolate bars are made fresh daily in their Hyde Park Village chocolate kitchen in many delicious varieties. 

Guests should prepare for a lively atmosphere where The Cake Drip staff is happy to entertain and educate you on the joys of the world’s most celebrated sweets. Davis and her team are passionate about taste and visuals and promise that your desserts will taste as good as they look.

Champagne and sweet treats on the menu at The Cake Drip

The Cake Drip offers desirable desserts, complimentary floral infused champagne , custom chocolate bars interlaced with exotic flavors and DIY Cakes.

Follow The Cake Drip on Instagram for updates ahead of its official opening.

The shop will also open in the EDGE District of St. Petersburg at 1104 Central Avenue later in 2021.

Want a taste of the menu? Here are a few things worth experiencing once The Cake Drip debuts in the ‘Burg:

Munchie-kins: 5 Small donuts , with your choice of dark, milk or white drizzled chocolate. And your choice of a color sprinkle.

Popcorn: Popcorn covered with your choice of chocolate and one topping from our mixins

Chocolate drizzled jerky: What’s better than Jerky. Chocolate drizzled jerky, choose dark milk or white chocolate and one topping of your choice.

Create your own chocolate bar: Fine Belgian Chocolate, Kosher, Gluten Free – Customized Chocolate Bars can take up to *30 to 45 minutes* to prepare.

Cakedrip Cup: Cake in a cup layered with creamy buttercream and your choice of three toppings from their mix ins

Visit the sweet lounge in Hyde Park Village

If you’re up for a drive, you can always visit The Cake Drip at 1625 W Snow Circle in Hyde Park Village.

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