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The ‘Burg List: Top Breakfast Sandwiches in St. Pete

The ‘Burg List: Top Breakfast Sandwiches in St. Pete

Looking for an upgrade from cold cereal? This list covers the 10 best breakfast sandwiches St. Pete has to offer, available any day of the week.

Lucky Charms or pancakes are nice, but sometimes the best thing to go with your morning coffee is a hearty, savory sandwich piled high with all your favorite toppings. Maybe you have a big morning, or perhaps you just have a big hangover; whatever the reason, St. Pete has plenty of places to get a mouthful of breakfast-y goodness any day of the week. These are the Top 10 breakfast sandwiches in the ‘Burg.

To that end, this is a list of the best sandwiches that are part of the everyday menu at local restaurants and cafes. There are plenty of imaginative and delicious sandwiches on the weekend brunch menus around town (we’re looking at you, Social Roost), but this list focuses on the always-available items you can pick up on your way to work, during a morning walk, or after a nice workout.


Get the coffee pot going. It’s time to start the day the carb-heavy way. These are the top breakfast sandwiches in St. Pete

Fried chicken sandwich next to a coffee mug with a side of hash browns
Bird in a Hole Fried Chicken Sandwich, courtesy 2nd and Second

2nd and Second – Bird in a Hole Fried Chicken Sandwich

2nd and Second isn’t open 24/7 anymore, but you can still get this bad boy any morning you like. This is the sandwich cholesterol levels have nightmares about: Texas toast with egg, fried chicken, sharp cheddar and a bacon-tomato jam.

201 2nd Ave N


close up of a breakfast sandwich with melted cheese and bacon

Bandit St. Pete

Bandit St. Pete continues to whip up some of the best food out of its kitchen in the Grand Central District. The concept is renowned for its polenta bowls, and breakfast burritos. They also have St. Pete’s own Sour Dough Slinger making irresistible pastries in the back. But if you do one thing this weekend, make it getting yourself a Bandit Breakfast Sandwich.

2662 Central Avenue

egg and cheese sandwich on a table outside

Craft Kafe

Craft Kafe has served West St. Pete, and downtown St. Pete for years. It’s the top gluten-free hub in the region, and a place to feed your sweet and savory cravings. Early every morning, Kino and I hit Craft Kafe for a special dog treat, and a classic Craft Kafe breakfast sandwich. Enjoy a gluten-free brioche bun, eggs, cheddar jack cheese, and chicken andouille sausage. You can add avocado if you’re feeling something extra in the morning.

200 Central Avenue | 6653 Central Avenue

a breakfast sandwich with fresh greens on a wood table
The FB&B Breakfast Sammy, courtesy Flatbread & Butter

Flatbread & Butter – The FB&B Breakfast Sandwich

Flatbread & Butter is an underrated spot to be so close to downtown, and this sandwich shows why.  A warm croissant is served with your choice of frittata eggs, savory tomato jam, lemon vinaigrette, arugula and pickled onions. Add avocado if you want to go all out.

The concept will also soon open in the city of Tampa.

497 7th Ave N

a croissant sandwich with eggs and ham on a plate.
Ham, egg and cheddar croissant from Kahwa

Kahwa Coffee – Kahwa Croissant

Our favorite coffee shop is also one of the best places for breakfast on the go. Get your breakfast the same way you get your coffee: hot, fresh, and served with a smile. The croissant sandwich comes in two classic forms – egg and cheese or ham and cheese.

204 2nd Ave S

pressed breakfast sandwich on Texas toast with ham, egg, and cheese

Orange Belt Cafe

Taylor Ham/Pork Roll Egg and Cheese sandwiches have arrived in the Sunshine City courtesy of Orange Belt Cafe. The concept has opened inside Bob Lee’s Tires along 4th Street North. A fun mix of hearty pastries and savory sandwiches make it a must visit for anyone in the ‘Burg, whether you’re getting a car fixed up or not.

Read up on the next great sunrise spot in the ‘Burg.

1631 4th Street North

Open face bagel with bacon and cream cheese.
Bacon, Egg and Cheddar Bagel, courtesy Pete’s General

Pete’s General – Egg and Cheddar Bagel

Classics are usually classics for a reason, and considering Pete’s General makes some of the best bagels in the bay, this one is a no-brainer. The egg and cheddar bagel comes with your choice of butter or cream cheese, as well as the option to add bacon, ham or impossible sausage.

Pete’s has expanded and now operates two locations in St. Pete.

2361 1st Ave S

a breakfast burrito held over brown paper.
Burritos totally count as sandwiches. Photo courtesy: Red Mesa Mercado

Red Mesa Mercado – Chorizo & Green Chile Migas

Forget hot dogs. Is a *burrito* a sandwich? We vote yes, which makes this massive delight one of the best breakfast sandwiches in town. This warm tortilla is filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo, cheddar jack cheese, mild green chiles, rajas (poblano peppers & onions), serrano chile and crispy corn strips.

1100 1st Ave N

a stacked breakfast sandwich with avocado, eggs, and bacon
Pressed Egg Sammy, courtesy Sammy + Paco’s

Sammy + Paco’s – Pressed Egg Sammy

Don’t sleep on Sammy + Paco’s (though you might be put to sleep by a food coma after this dish). The Pressed Egg Sammy is far more than its name may lead you to think. Cuban bread is piled with bacon, fried egg, grilled onions, heirloom tomatoes, avocado mash and ancho-pimento.

Learn more about the newest brunch hub in St. Pete.

2735 5th Ave N

St. Pete Bagel Company – The Strange Bird

Everyone knows the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers, and this sandwich gives you that holiday weekend joy on any day of the year. Your choice of bagel is loaded up with turkey, lettuce, sprouts, plain cream cheese and cranberry sauce.

7043 4th St N

coffee, a croissant sandwich, cannoli and hash browns arranged on a plate.
This is just the regular – imagine the jumbo. Photo courtesy: The Hollander Hotel

The Tap Room at The Hollander Hotel – Jumbo Breakfast Sandwich

Nowhere will you get more sandwich for your money. For less than 10 bucks, this build-your-own breakfast sandwich is two eggs your way, two meats, two cheeses and a choice of bread, along with breakfast potatoes or fresh fruit.

421 4th Ave N

a tall breakfast sandwich with eggs, greens, and protein.
The All-the-Way Uptown Breakfast Sandwich, courtesy Uptown Eats

Uptown Eats – Uptown Breakfast Sandwich

Cult favorite Uptown Eats is quickly rising to stardom, and this sandwich in particular is a big reason why. On a soft brioche bun, get your choice of either sautéed greens and tomato, or bacon and egg, topped with sharp cheddar and a secret sauce. For only an extra buck, you can get ALL of those ingredients, and another two-spot gets a scoop of breakfast potatoes.

689-D Dr M.L.K. Jr St N

tomato, cucumber, eggs on a whole wheat toasted bread.
The Norwegian on nine-grain bread, courtesy The Wooden Rooster

The Wooden Rooster – Norwegian Rise and Shine Crepe

First burritos, now crepes? Whatever, we’re counting it. Besides, all their crepes are also available on nine-grain bread or a baguette, and The Wooden Rooster is one of our favorite downtown spots for breakfast. This one comes with two scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese.

104 2nd Ave NE

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