The Burg Files: Alienstock happening in St. Pete this weekend

Photo of shoppers at a large night market

Do you want to believe? Are there any Spooky Mulder stans out there? If so, there is an event completely tailored to your interests. That’s right, St. Petersburg is getting its very own Alienstock.

The out of this world event (sorry-not-sorry) will take place at the St. Pete Side Lot in the Warehouse Arts District on Saturday, September 21.

Event organizers promise to bump classic ’80s and ’90s music, there will be a neon dance area, an alien costume contest, a bar and plenty of food vendors. Whether you dig the scary, horror movie type aliens of “Alien” and “Independence Day,” or dig more family-friendly variety from “E.T.” and “Mars Attacks!” there will be plenty for you to enjoy here.

Alien fans mostly come out at night, mostly. That’s why the event will run from 7pm-11:59pm on Saturday, September 21.

The St. Pete Side Lot is located at 2133 2nd Avenue South.

That’s not the only event coming to the Side Lot this fall. A massive night market will be held on October 3, and the event will feature a Thriller Flash Mob.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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