The Body Electric opening a brand new facility in the Burg

The Body Electric opening a brand new facility in the Burg

Photo of construction at a giant warehouse St. Pete

You can’t namaste in the same place forever. It’s no surprise that the ubiquitous Body Electric Yoga Company is opening a massive new facility in the Sunshine City. Welcome to the Warehouse Arts District of St. Petersburg, The Body Electric!

On any given weekend you’ll find instructors from the yoga studio leading classes poolside at The Hollander, at 3 Daughters Brewery, in the courtyard at the Sundial, and even at select parks. Owners Jenny Miller and Katelyn Grady have been keeping St. Pete fit since 2013.

The rise of yoga in St. Pete

The meteoric rise of The Body Electric as the yoga studio in the Sunshine City has been a marvel to watch. For the pair to now open in a new facility speaks volumes about the growth of the small business scene here in the Burg.

But enough about St. Pete, let’s dig into what you can expect from The Body Electric’s new athletic facility, which is located at 655 31st Street South.


The BE will offer childcare for $8 while members workout. To say the Body Electric offers a diverse range of fitness classes would be an understatement.

Huge swath of fitness classes offered

“In addition to Strength, Conditioning, Combo, Core Focus, Loaded Yoga, and Self-Care and Recovery classes, we just added Oxygen Optimization, a breathing performance class,” said Body Electric owner Jenny Miller.

In case you really need to cool off and revitalize those muscles, the BE is also adding ice tubs out back of their new facility.

“We’ll start presales for current Body Electric Yoga unlimited members only on Nov. 1. Stand-alone BE Athletic autodebit membership will presale for $120/month, which includes open gym access,” wrote Miller in an email to


Could open by this December

The new Body Electric facility could open before the end of 2019. Follow The Body Electric on Facebook for updates. Want to keep up with all the amazing events Body Electric is a part of? Follow their event listings on their website and on social media. You can find a full class schedule here.

While you wait for the new facility to open, you can visit The Body Electric’s yoga studio at 3015 7th Street North.



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