The Body Electric Athletic Center opens on New Year’s Day

The Body Electric Athletic Center opens on New Year’s Day

A group of yogis stretching before a workout

We already love 2020. Why? Because brilliant brains behind The Body Electric Yoga will officially launch their massive athletic center on January 1, 2020.

Jenny Miller, Katelyn Grady and a team of exceptional yogis and athletes have worked exhaustively to get the space ready for the active St. Pete community.

Reserve your spot for opening day

Spots on opening day are limited, so you’ll want to make your reservations online ASAP.

The BE Athletic will have Amanda Riker leading Recovery, Mallory Carteaux teaching Strength, and Jeremy Lorenz conditioning you.

Listen, I personally am not one for resolutions. I like to continue to set tangible goals for myself periodically. These goals aren’t tied to a particular year, they are more about practical self improvement. What The Body Electric offers is exactly that. An opportunity to get in shape with a totally welcoming community. The workouts, at both Yoga and Athletic, are approachable yet challenging for people of all fitness levels.

Wide variety of classes for all skill levels 

“In addition to Strength, Conditioning, Combo, Core Focus, Loaded Yoga, and Self-Care and Recovery classes, we just added Oxygen Optimization, a breathing performance class,” said Body Electric owner Jenny Miller.

In case you really need to cool off and revitalize those muscles, the BE is also adding ice tubs out back of their new facility.

“We’ll start presales for current Body Electric Yoga unlimited members only on Nov. 1. Stand-alone BE Athletic autodebit membership will presale for $120/month, which includes open gym access,” wrote Miller in an email to

Childcare while you workout 

Childcare will also be available while members workout.

The Body Electric Athletic Center is located at 655 31st Street South. Keep up with all of The Body Electric’s events by following the organization on Facebook.

Need to get. your yoga on? Visit The Body Electric Yoga at 3015 7th Street North.

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