‘The Blend’ celebrates grand opening of drive-thru café in west St. Pete today

‘The Blend’ celebrates grand opening of drive-thru café in west St. Pete today

To-go coffee at The Blend

One of downtown’s favorite spots for coffee, wine and baked goods is now available in west St. Pete. The Blend had the grand opening of its new location today at 6730 Central Avenue.

Featuring gourmet coffees, locally-baked pastries, and craft beer, wine and seltzer, The Blend is a quickly growing group of locally-owned cafes. This newest location also features a drive-thru and outdoor seating, making morning commutes and afternoon pick-me-ups even more convenient.


The Seattle-style coffee shop opened its first location in downtown back in February of 2020, and despite the immediate challenges of covid, has experienced tremendous success. The love for The Blend is certainly evident given that ownership now has four locations, including two north of Central Avenue.

The Blend brings Seattle-style café experience to St. Pete

Owner Stacha Madsen has moved fast with The Blend, quickly gaining a following and exhibiting a knack for opening appealing cafes with great ambience and high-quality goods. She had successfully opened several coffee shops in the northwest before moving to St. Pete several years ago in search of sunshine.

One of the most exciting aspects of The Blend is the inclusion of white espresso. White espresso features beans that are very lightly roasted. It gives the drink a rich flavor, with nutty after tones. It’s the perfect, highly caffeinated, base for a sweeter coffee drink. White espresso is extraordinarily popular in the Northwest and Madsen is ready to let ‘Burg residents experience it for themselves.

The Blend’s west St. Pete location opens at 7 am daily. It can also be found downtown at 490 1st Avenue South, and farther north at 1211 4th Street North, as well as the drive thru at 2700 34th Street North. The Blend is currently hiring at all four locations, for those seeking jobs.

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