ReBuilt, a locally-owned chef-prepared meal service, is expanding in Florida, and feeding families in need

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The resolve and drive of local business owners never fails to amaze us. The latest to catch our attention (and appetite) is ReBuilt Meals, a chef-prepared meal and delivery service that launched in the Tampa Bay region just a few short years ago. President and CEO Brandon Assaf and his team have developed a meal creation and disbursement plan that can satisfy the needs of many different lifestyles including keto, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and much more!

Through the month of April, and continue through May the service has sponsored families in need and provided free healthy meals.

Subscribe to ReBuilt Meals today! Get 30% OFF your first week of meals using code BURG30.

The ReBuilt Meal Plan provides ease of mind for residents who would rather avoid the trip to the grocery store, who are also looking to cut down on general food waste.

ReBuilt Meals are delivered in reduced oxygen packaging to increase their shelf life. The film that covers the containers uses 98% less plastic than conventionally prepared meal containers with plastic lids, and the containers themselves are made by Go Green Packaging, who is the industry leader in reducing plastic waste.

Subscribe to ReBuilt Meals today! Get 30% OFF your first week of meals using code BURG30.

The meal plans are delivered weekly and are waiting at your doorstep before you wake up. Home delivery takes place between 11pm-5am  — and waking up to a readymade breakfast at my front door is total 2020 goals.

The plan itself runs week to week, and subscribers are able to pause, change, or cancel their plan at any time in case they’re going to be out of town for work or leisure.

ReBuilt is the largest growing chef-prepared meal delivery service in the area. Not surprisingly, they are highly-rated by locals (4.9 on Google Reviews) for their quality meals and exceptional customer service. View all of the available meal plans on the ReBuilt website.

Don’t worry, for the seriously famished, you can double your protein per meal. Sign me up, St. Pete.

Dynamism is part of the ReBuilt system. There are 30 different entrees to choose from each week, 4 rotating breakfast options, and 10 different kids meals. Not to mention a list of about 50 items that you can choose to order by the pound.

ReBuilt makes all of its meals from a production facility down in Historic Ybor City.

Subscribe to ReBuilt Meals today! Get 30% OFF your first week of meals using code BURG30.

This is about saving time. Assaf subscribes to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour principle, and ReBuilt’s chef-prepared meal program gifts you back precious hours to pursue your own personal passion projects, or just enjoy some extra downtime when you’re home.

ReBuilt currently operates out of a warehouse in History Ybor City, but it’s quickly outgrowing its home. Assaf and his team will soon expand ReBuilt delivery throughout the entire state of Florida. Locally born, ideated, and created, ReBuilt brings one of the most booming and vital trends in the culinary world to the region. Adhering to eco-friendly guidelines, while offering delicious and varied fare, ReBuilt is brimming with the kind of local flavor St. Pete and Tampa residents crave.

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Want to whet your appetite for ReBuilt Meals? Follow the company on Facebook and Instagram for menu updates. Visit ReBuilt’s website to browse what’s currently offered on the menu and to subscribe.

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