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Star Trolley debuts incredible fall lineup of trolley tours

Star Trolley debuts incredible fall lineup of trolley tours

A trolley in front of the Museum of Fine Arts
Photo via Star Trolley

Star Trolley, St. Pete’s favorite mode of transportation and entertainment, just announced seven fantastic tours as part of its new fall tour season. The five-star, one-of-a-kind trolley company has become a favorite in St. Pete, and this new lineup of experiences will only add to its popularity.

Star Trolley’s fall season is highlighted by the Shine And Dine food and mural tour, the whodunit-on-wheels Murder Mystery Trolley Tour, and the weird and wacky comedic showcase “St. Pete for Dummies.” Tickets, times, and more information for these as well as the full lineup of one-of-a-kind trolley tours can be found at


Owners of Star Trolley, Richard Novikas and Brian McNealy, announced the new fall lineup as the company’s fleet continues to grow and its services become more and more popular. The variety of vehicles in their lineup is already a favorite for private events, and their curated tours are some of the most enjoyable ways to experience St. Pete.

Each of the tours bring a unique experience to guests, with the variety of choices offering something perfect for anyone. And while these three are the most popular of Star Trolley’s offerings, don’t miss out on their culinary-themed excursions such as Better Beach Bites and the Tuesday’s Treasures, Tributes, and Tapas tour.

Experience St. Pete’s most iconic murals and culinary destinations

back balcony of trolley on the water

The Shine And Dine tour is a culinary and art adventure through St. Petersburg, showcasing the city’s beautiful murals and unique culinary culture. Set on a trolley with wrap-around windows for great views, it combines many of St. Pete’s most iconic aspects.


The tour begins just west of downtown at a British pub for some curry tasting, followed by visits to the famous Shine Festival Murals in the Grand Central District, showing how street art has the power to revitalize cities.

Next up, is a non-alcohol “bar” for a kava creation, followed by even more murals, and then trying some locally sourced hydroponic fresh greens. After which, there’s a quick stop at the container “farm” where guests will see how Star Trolley’s salad items are grown.

Finally, riders are then treated to some Bali inspired cuisine at a “twisted” little spot. At the end of it all, finish up with a Cuban dish in a Speakeasy at one of St. Pete’s coolest venues.

Crack the case on Murder Mystery

Inside of trolley with table setting
Via Star Trolley

The Mystery Trolley is a whodunit on wheels. Travel through th beautiful streets of Saint Petersburg as you attempt to solve The Curse of the Hopeless Diamond.

Sip on your complimentary adult mystery juice to aid in your deducing and catch the culprit responsible for the crime. Interact with zany characters, join in a musical number, learn the art of disguise and hear of the diamond’s gypsy curse.

The mystery trolley is an interactive, thrilling and truly unique experience not to be missed. Tickets will sell out for this limited engagement presented by Star Trolley.

Enjoy laughs aplenty in St. Pete For Dummies

The balcony of a trolley

Are you ready to learn nothing? ‘St. Pete for Dummies, leave dumber than you arrived,’ is the best comedy show on wheels. In fact, it’s the only comedy show trolley you will find in all of Florida.

Join your hosts as they administer a healthy dose of hilarity and roast some of Saint Pete’s most interesting history, locations and people. Expect outlandish facts, quirky establishments, interactive experiences, trolley games and a side splitting sing-a-long while onboard.

Who needs stand up? Sit down and take a ride on the funny side. Sure, you likely won’t learn a damn thing, but you will leave with a smile on your mug.

Learn more about these three stellar trolley tours, as well as the rest of Star Trolley’s great tours and private rentals, at

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