St. Pete’s Top Vegan Spots

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Leafy Greens Cafe
Leafy Greens Cafe was created with a story behind it. In early 2007, the owner was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, which is a degenerative immune system disease. She was told that without treatment she could die in five years. She began a raw food diet the next day. In four months, her blood was totally transformed and the doctor released her saying that she could find no sign of any illness. After her amazing experience, she felt she had an obligation to introduce as many people as possible to the delicious vegan food she loves and as a result, Leafy Greens Cafe was born.
1626 Central Ave

Lotus Vegan Restaurant
Lotus Vegan Restaurant not only has out of this world vegan dining but also hot tea, smoothies, and juices. They even have an entirely vegan buffet!
6575 Park Blvd N

Love Food Central
When it comes to vegan food, Love Food Central doesn’t mess around.  With items like the Buffalo Tempeh Sandwich, created with seared tempeh tossed in buffalo sauce served on toasted sourdough with soy-free vegenaise, romaine, tomato slice and a drizzle of homemade cashew ranch dressing with a side of chips. You’ll never want to leave!
2057 Central Ave.

MEZE 119
MEZE 119 is a vegetarian bistro that focuses on creating unique meals using the best soy, gluten, fruit, and vegetable products possible. Many of their dishes are vegan or can be made vegan upon request.
119 2nd St N

Rawk Star Cafe
Rawk Star Cafe is a gluten-free, organic, raw vegan restaurant. It could even be described as a step up from vegan being 100% organic as well. Nothing at Rawk Star is cooked. Dehydrators are used to give an element of heat but nothing goes past 110 degrees. Anything above 110 degrees would kill off live enzymes and probiotics naturally occurring in the food. Even all of their vegan milk is made in-house from scratch. They just opened in St. Pete this year so if you’re looking for a new spot, Rawk Star is the place to be!
740 central Ave

Ray’s Vegan Soul
The goal at Ray’s is to keep the feel-good in food without the health consequences. Many of Ray’s delicious masterpieces are made from whole grain flours, alternative sweeteners, and pure cold-pressed oils. These products are gluten-free and vegan made whenever possible without the six most common allergens: dairy, gluten, peanuts, eggs, corn, and soy.
169 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N

The Cider Press Cafe
Picture perfect vegan food? The Cider Press Cafe has got you covered.  One of their most popular raw dishes is the Pad Thai, kelp & zucchini noodles, mixed vegetables, pineapple, tamari almonds tossed in a spicy tamarind sauce; served on top of sweetened shredded cabbage.
601 Central Avenue North

Images courtesy of Leafy Greens Cafe, Lotus Vegan Restaurant, Love Food Central, MEZE 119, Rawk Star Cafe, Ray’s Vegan Soul, The Cider Press Cafe, and The Cider Press Cafe

Written by Aislinn Fallon

Aislinn Fallon is a five-time internationally published writer whose writing has been read on every populated continent on the globe. She is also the author of the poetry book Pretty Little Things & Witty Little Words which is represented by the world's largest global book distributor.