St. Pete Sculpture Museum Finds New Home on Central Avenue

The Burg is a museum magnet. The MFA on Beach Drive, the Florida Holocaust Museum, the Chihuly Collection and The Dali all put the Sunshine City on the map as a premier arts destination. Not to mention the remarkable collections the likes of Florida CraftArt, Studio@620, Soft Water Studios, Duncan McClellan and others have delivered to residents in the area.

The James Museum and The Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement are currently under construction with anticipated openings within the next few years. Another arts bastion seeks to leave its mark on the Burg; the St. Pete Sculpture Museum will join the Chihuly Collection on the 700 Block of Central Avenue. It will begin its move in early October.

Marvel at larger than life creations downtown

The Museum’s collection can be viewed at its 290 MLK Jr. Street North studio. The Central Avenue space will allow the Sculpture Museum to feature a wide variety of works, host larger events and garner more visibility. The three level parking garage above makes it far more accessible to curious guests, as well. While the MLK Street studio allows visitors to witness the creation process, the Central Avenue spot will allow them to truly appreciate the final product.

A 27-foot lion, an 8-foot Neil Armstrong and dozens of sculptures from life-size to giant-size to how-the-heck-did-he-do-that size, are all waiting for you. Renowned sculptor Jon Hair believes the museum could be open in its new space sometime in late December or early January.

Jon Hair sculpts for the Olympics

Jon has been the official sculptor of the Olympics, delivering the goliath Lucky 8 to the Beijing Olympic Games, and the colossal Olympic Strength to the Colorado Springs home of the U.S. Olympic Training grounds.

Learn more about Jon Hair, and the St. Pete Sculpture Museum on Facebook.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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