St. Pete Gems: Mama G’s, an authentic German Bakery

St. Pete Gems: Mama G’s, an authentic German Bakery

Exterior of German Bakery in St. Petersburg, FL

OK, so this spot is technically in Kenneth City, but it’s basically the Burg. The bakery has had a home in Sarasota for several years, and made the jump to the Sunshine City less than a year ago. We’re glad they expanded.

You are hit with the sweet aroma of strudel, almond horns, and schnitzel. Seriously, if you were on a diet, what’s behind the glass case at Mama G’s will break you in the best way.


German Apple Strudel Pastry

Top notch spot for dining and unwinding

Mama G’s also happens to low-key be one of the top spots to get some work done while you eat and enjoy a cup of coffee or a smoothie.

The family-owned and operated business features huge menu. But if we had to boil it down to two treats we crave, it would be the apple strudel and the almond horns.

Owner Jacqueline Goldstein — along with her brother, Julian Goldstein, and full-time employee Sierra Ojeda — brings five generations of baking tradition to the Burg area. Goldstein comes from a Bavarian family, and the love that is put into each pastry is evident.

Pastry dough being rolled in crushed almonds


Pastries made for dunking in coffee

The almond horn balances a crisp texture with a sweet, slightly moist inside. It’s the ultimate treat to dip in a piping hot cup of coffee.

The apple strudel is a mammoth delight that’s tailor-made for the fall season. Of course there’s more to enjoy here.

Feast your eyes on rows of fresh baked German-style sourdough bread, sugar dusted waffles, cinnamon rolls, plum and cherry danishes, apple twists, potato pancakes and more. Items vary day by day, so make sure to follow Mama G’s on Instagram to see what this hidden gem is whipping up.

Baked bread on a shelf

German lunch specials available to-go

Goldstein also whips up special lunch items available on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays like their famous jägerschnitzel. Keep up with Mama G’s on Facebook to what lunch items are available. 

Walking into this bakery is a lot like walking into a good friend’s home, if that friend happens to have an eye for interior design with top-level baking talents. It’s warm and welcoming. Small size, large in flavor, and definitely worth the trip.

Assortment of German pastries at Mama G's


Mama G’s St. Pete, 6114 54th Avenue North. 

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