St. Pete Gems: Hops & Props, St. Pete Museum of History

St. Pete Gems: Hops & Props, St. Pete Museum of History

Exterior of Hops & Props, a waterfront bar in St. Pete

Hey, look over Pier…we mean here. Contrary to some rumblings, Hops & Props, one of our favorite bars in the Burg, and the St. Pete Museum of History, an underrated cultural gem, are open during Pier construction. Both spots are well worth a visit. Here’s why you need to visit 335 2nd Avenue NE in St. Petersburg.

Hops & Props has opened in the Burg about 5 years ago. It’s a small spot right on the water with stunning views of the historic Vinoy Renaissance Hotel and the Vinoy Yacht Basin.

The bar’s aesthetic is matched by its selection of local craft brews. They feature new brews every day, so you beer enthusiasts will always have something new to entertain your curious palates. In total, Hops & Props has 26 taps to choose from.

One unique feature of Hops & Props is their impressive event catering menu. They offer items like seafood paella cooked fresh on site, smoked plum tomatoes, butternut squash ravioli, fresh baked pretzels, and grilled chicken kabobs.

You can get a full view of their catering menu options by visiting Hops & Props’ website. Want to know what’s on tap? Follow Hops & Props on Facebook and Instagram.

Just a few steps from Hops & Props is the St. Pete Museum of History. It is a wonderful and interesting time capsule highlighting the weird and wonderful history of the Sunshine City. It’s nearing its 100th birthday and has some major plans to expand.

The Museum’s vault of celebrity-signed baseballs is a sport and/or pop culture lover’s dream come true. The venue also hosts the Two-headed Calf Fest, puts on Happy Hours with the Historian, features the remains of an Egyptian mummy, and a variety of other fun, funky, informative exhibits.

During construction, the Museum is offering $6 admission. That’s probably on of the best deals you’ll get at a cultural center in the Sunshine City. Keep up with all that’s going on at the St. Pete Museum of History, including special events, by following them on Facebook.

Want to help support this St. Pete gem? You can donate to the history museum on its website.


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